FEBRUARY 15, 2008


Meeting held via internet with faxed ballots.


Tom Pitts-State President
Gregg Bergstrom-State Sec/Treasurer
Mike Chitwood-Sec./Treasurer SW Chapter
Russell Kent, CHFM-President PS Chapter
Philip Kercher FASHE CHFM-ASHE Liaison
Heather Warner-WAM Coordinator
Ray Tiedemann Stephen Grose CHFM-Imm. Past President
Brad Jones-State President-Elect
Norm McLarin-Imm. Past-Pres. EA Chapter
Geoff Glass-Historian/Newsline Editor
Jim Mead-Sec./Treasurer PS Chapter
Tim Mason-Alternate Member
Lianna Collinge-WSSHE/AMI

President 11:35 Meeting called to Order

Approval of August and September 2007 Minutes.

Presidential Opening Comments & NEW BUSINESS:

Business Plan / Goals for 2008 - By-Laws

President Tom noted that new By-Laws will be presented to the membership at the Chelan meeting for discussion and vote. He would like to see WSSHE build a financial reserve of $40,000 and increase dues; would like to see in place by next fall. President Tom would like all future conference updates to include 2010 Annual (Multi-State function). For Semi-annual, the speakers are planned, we are looking at ideas for door prizes. Russ, Steve, Mike Kelly expressed their desire to work on this as a committee.

Invitations have been sent out and there has been positive feedback. Phil thanked Lianna for working on contracts. Discussion of the need for the Board to hold a high-level strategic plan sometime in the next year.


Management Report

Lianna provided the board with an overview of her credentials and the services that AMI, professional management services will provide for WSSHE. She is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with 22 years of experience. Lianna explained that at present WSSHE is under contract for the lower end services and that as they grow there are other levels of service that AMI can provide if board approved. Lianna said the transition was moving along very well and is nearly complete. All records are housed at the office of AMI. The contract that WSSHE has with AMI is a 30 day contract. The contract does not include minutes or board meeting attendance. Lianna answered Board question about backup, explaining that all electronic files are backed and stored at an off-site location for safety purposes.

Board Orientation
Lianna noted the following: Board of Directors have three Duties: Duty of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience. You will support with honesty, without conflict, and you will exercise prudent reasonable actions. You are covered by an Insurance Policy, however, if your actions are not documented as board approved in your minutes you can be held responsible by law. You must uphold all governing documents, RCW’s, federal and state law. As a governing board you need to do Strategic Direction work. Committee work is done outside Board meetings. Financial reports should be a part of the consent agenda. Recommendations are to appoint a Treasurer to review and confer that the financial report is as recorded. In regard to reserve fund, rule of thumb 15%-20% for non-profit.

Federal law has a date of January 1 2009 that you are required to have numerous policies in place. This is an item that will need to be on the next agenda for approval. Policies include such items as whistle blower, sexual harassment, etc.

If approved alternates are part of the knowledge loop, Washington State Law allow them to vote, since your By Laws allow it. Proxies are not the same and are NOT allowed.

Geoff moved to submit the “Board Review/Disclosure” included in the Board Manual to President Tom Pitts by March 15, 2008 for evaluation. Seconded byTim Mason. All in favor. Motion passed.

Board requested financial reports quarterly.

Communications/Newsline/ Website
Geoff said that he would like to retire from Communication/Newsline/Website position due to increased work demands. He would like to take on state advocacy as he feels this would be a better use of his skills. He will continue with the historian duties.

Newsline needs to have regular information that is educational. ASHE Gold Award require WSSHE have four distributions of printed educational information a year. New chair needed. Board will poll chapter members to find volunteers.

The Board will discuss having the web roster password protected if required by ASHE Gold standards. Phil to research and report. Each Chapter to check with their members for input and report at the next Board meeting.

WSSHE trying to obtain 50% of membership as ASHE member. We are currently at 32%.

Stephen reported that ASHE wants each state to have representation so that Advocacy information can spread. Washington State does not have an advocacy representative. Geoff said that this is an area that he would like to head as a committee. Stephen and Philip agreed to be a part of the committee and suggested that each Chapter find two individuals that are interested in participating.

The Board agreed to having an Advocacy Committee report at every meeting. i.e.: The WA State Fire Marshal will come to Chelan for a 2 hour session with a few members so that they can learn from our experiences. Geoff will be the contact person. Call people in your chapter to participate

“Mac” Mackenzie Scholarship Report
Ray reported that January 31 balance is $61,022.22, this is about a $5,000 drop due to the stock market and awards. In 2007 8 individuals applied for scholarships and 5 were awarded in the amount of $750.00. The Board requested Ray provide a list of criteria for awards, persons awarded scholarships last year, and that the list and criteria be posted on the website. Ray will send the list to the office, with announcement for year 2008-2009, due August 15, 2008.

Heather reviewed a list of new web page sponsorships, which the Board approve. Staff is in the process of hot linking all Yellow Page firms to their website.

Semi-Annual Conference
President Pitts reported that some speakers are lined up. Topics to include: electrical safety, storage tanks, safety for committees. Conference will consist of 6 sessions - total of 8 hours. The networking portion is a highlight. Need sponsors. Registration fees under review. Tom requested help finalizing the program and events. Heather, Brad, Russ, and Steve agreed to assist. Heather will coordinate events with Ruth Mead. Suggestion that members take a survey to determine topics they need to hear about.

Annual Conference Planning Committee, chaired by Geoff, will meet Friday afternoon April 25th after semi-annual. Geoff requested committee member recommendations be sent to him within two weeks (by February 29).


By Law Change:

AMI will format the By Law changes as approved in 2007 by the Board. Each by-law is voted on individually, not as a whole. They will be voted on at the semi-annual meeting by the membership.
President Pitts appointed Russ Kent to chair the By Law Review Committee this year,

New Officers:
Phil nominated Brad Jones as President Elect 2008-2009. Ray seconded, Board unanimously approved. Board acknowledged need to have the next President-elect names at the September meeting, from the Puget Sound Chapter. Tom noted that Southwest Chapter still needs a President Elect, and WSSHE needs Secretary/Treasurer. Mike Chitwood and Tim Hidelbaug were suggested as nominees. Mike will consider.

MISC Chapter News:
There will be a Southwest Chapter meeting March 27.

Eastern Chapter elected Doug Sowers, Sacred Heart, as 2008 President

Meeting Adjourned at 2:30

Next Meeting at Semi-Annual Conference April 23,2008 – Campbell’s Resort, Chelan, Washington