APRIL 16, 2009


I. Board Member Sign In Sheet

Meeting Called to order at 2:07 pm by President Brad Jones

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting-Consent Agenda - approved

IV. Financials – Consent Agenda
• March financial reports emailed to Board 4-17-09 - approved
• Questions/comments - none

Southwest Chapter Report
Meeting at Tacoma General; Green Initiatives and tour and Good Samaritan with emphasis on hospital lifts.

Puget Sound Chapter Report
L&I educational forum on inspections, define roles and responsibilities for chapter board positions, planning the golf tournament, and formulating a chapter operating plan

Eastern Chapter Report
Eastern: Chapter leadership is struggling to get attendance at meetings.

We have received and posted 2 NewsLine articles and reminded the chapters to submit.

• Website management – Update
Presented the WSSHE calendar that shows chapter meetings, NewsLine due dates, annual board action items, schedules the number of web updates by month, etc.

Mr. Kercher presented our ASHE gold award for 2008. This represents a history of WSSHE during Tom Pitts administration. The responsibility for compiling the data for the award application will be transitioned to Russ Kent. We meet all of the criteria for Platinum award except the number of WSSHE members that are also ASHE members.

Region 10 meeting: Brad will author a letter and call each of the state presidents to invite them to a regional conference.

$53,060; We have lost a little due to the economy. We reduced the number of available scholarships accordingly.

• Should sponsors be allowed to attend the conferences without paying the registration fee? This is not clearly defined. Brad asked Jim and Heather to bring a proposal (ground rules or guidelines) to the next board meeting that addresses this issue.

• Establish a minimum dollar amount to qualify for attending the conference. Perhaps one conference registration per $500 in sponsorship money. Brad asked Jim and Heather to bring a proposal (ground rules or guidelines) to the next board meeting that addresses this issue.

• Review of bylaws – Any recommended changes?
Mr. Kent reported that the committee recommends no changes to the current bylaws. Board voted to approve the bylaws as currently written.

• State Fire Marshal
Mr. Grose reported that ASHE is focusing on a two way communication highway. They are struggling and will try again this year. WSSHE has an issue with the State Fire Marshall’s interpretation of the codes in their inspections. We are having trouble engaging WSHA.

• State Bylaws
• Following up to the Feb 15, 2008 Board minutes, WSSHE Board Members needed to complete the conflict of interest policy to be in compliance as a Non Profit Organization.
     o All board members read, signed, and returned the conflict of interest forms to State Secretary.
• Quick books Software
     o All Chapters should be utilizing quick books software for financials. Mike Chitwood - State Secretary will coordinate this with chapter secretaries if this is not already in place. AMI can answer any questions you may have. AMI should conduct quarterly audits of the Chapters. This is a service that is part of our contract and the quick books create standard reporting features.

• AMI Recommendation for Conference Scholarships
Regarding the question asked at the State Board meeting about reserve funds being used for free conference registrations;

Brad spoke with Katie and Lianna at AMI and they stated that WSSHE's National Securities is our scholarship fund. Any and all scholarship funds should come out of our National Securities funds since this is what it was created for and it is the state scholarship account. This would keep from muddying up the books and different chapter accounts according to AMI. AMI prefers and strongly recommends we use this account rather than individual chapters using their monies.
Recommend Chapter Secretaries work with Mike Chitwood
 – AMI to review
 – Report at next Board meeting
Ray volunteered to work with AMI on this issue. Discuss the difference between scholarship and sponsorship.

• Retired members/Honorary Board Members Designation
AMI suggests that honorary membership be granted by the Board (nominated in the minutes) and we define the perks this designation receives. Brad assigned this issue to the bylaws committee for a recommendation; due at next meeting. Brad asked the board to submit names of current honorary members. Jim Mead and Russ Kent volunteered to submit criteria.

• WSSHE Reserve account
AMI recommends 20% of our annual budget or $27,000.
Board decided to set up a secondary account with $44,000.
Names on the account are president and secretary. Requires board action to access and move funds. Recommends Viking Bank. Motion approved

Note: AMI is WSSHE’s designated contact for statement receipt and all contact on the account. They are to be granted access without signature authority.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.