APRIL 23, 2008


Tom Pitts-State President
Brad Jones-State President-Elect
Russell Kent, CHFM-President PS Chapter
Geoff Glass-Historian/Newsline Editor
Philip Kercher FASHE CHFM-ASHE Liaison
Jim Mead-Sec. Treasurer PS Chapter
Ray Tiedemann
Mike Dodson
Mike Chitwood-Sec./Treasurer SW Chapter
Norm McLarin-Imm. Past-Pres. EA Chapter
Randy Kaiser
Stephen Grose CHFM-Imm. Past President
Heather Warner WAM Coordinator
Tim Mason-Alternate Member
Jim Fry
Rob Dewitt

4:00 PM Meeting Called To Order - President Tom

President Tom reported that the minutes of the February 15th Board meeting were distributed and approved by consent.


Advocacy Team

The advocacy team reported that the State Fire Marshal was interested in partnering with members of the WSSHE organization, the shut down of USP-797, and discussion of the 2-bed occupancy was still in the works with a date of May 28th as a possible decision.

Geoff stated that the Washington State Emergency Management Department, conducted a simple survey which would be utilized in an emergency and that facility managers should be able to answer off the top of their head when asked. There are 12 emergency management questions. There was board discussion.

President Tom reported that he would be giving out recognition at the conference and would be presenting an overview of the agenda.

Ray-Mac Mackenzie Report
Ray reported that the Mac Mackenzie investment lost a couple thousand dollars and so far we have only received two applications for scholarships, the deadline is August 15th. Ray expressed the need to mention the availability and the process of application for the scholarships at the conference; all information is located on the website for easy access. Applications need to be completely filled out, if information is missing they will not be eligible for consideration.

Geoff suggested that the Mac Mackenzie scholarship be promoted at the conference as few people are really familiar with the process of the scholarship and mentioned that from a historical view it would be appropriate to give the conference attendees an overview of the scholarship and the application process.

There was discussion as to clarification of the “term of the application”. Ray clarified that it is an annual scholarship and that it encompasses the academic year, example (2008-2009).

Heather expressed that everything is going well with more participation. Currently there are 23 tables filled.

Legislative Update
Philip mentioned that he will not know until next month if we will be gold or platinum. He also expressed that he feels that Tom should mention about the year of advocacy and what a great job the team has done.

President Tom asked to have the Membership approve the bylaws as they were presented.

Russ mentioned that all by-law approvals need to be in writing and submitted to Leanne, he would like to place the ballots and a box out at the conference. Need a majority of the full members in attendance.

President Tom expressed that he would like to hear input on the mention of a dues increase. He would like to put it out for the membership to consider. This would be something to consider in the fall as there are many factors that have changed. Tom requested that membership think about it and make a decision at the next meeting.

Jim replied that we should not increase the dues. He saw no need for the increase.

Ray expressed that he believes that the dues increase is a good idea because the cost of education is rising and other entities. The state conference needs to be increased to assist with offset education costs.

Steve mentioned that from experience it would be nice if the President Elect could be considered for education, and he felt that he could have benefited from the experience.

Phil said that Eastern has expressed that they have no problem with a dues increase.

Jim- WAM for Puget Sound has raised $13,000-$14,000 to support events. Three levels of sustaining membership Platinum, Gold, and Silver. There are fees for each level and it comes with perks for the sponsors with their level of participation. They know exactly what they are going to get for their sponsorship.

Steve commented that he would like to have the WAM coordinator speak to the small companies and explain to them how they might participate creating a value to both organizations.

Jim F. -Expressed in-kind support is something available for the smaller organizations.

Jim M. -Recognized the fact that Jim F. has been doing an excellent job.

Jim F. Explained that if you buy your goal (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) up front you know where you stand; if you can show evidence of in-kind in the amount of a gold sponsorship you obtain a gold membership. WAM (WSSHE ASSOCIATE MEMBER) Acronym Definition. Having the membership’s cover several areas would be more effective, and then express the chapters that they would attend.

Tom expressed that associate members need to identify which chapter they are affiliated with.

Brad expressed that there is a need to sell the WSSHE good name and determine the criteria of how those companies fit in with the vision and mission of WSHHE.

Next Board Meeting
Will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, Bar 14 Ranch House, Ellensburg at 11:30am.

Tom mentioned that individuals were concerned about registration and other issues with sponsors; he will rough out a plan and send it out to membership for discussion.

General discussion in reference to educational sessions, cost, sponsorship, booths, and what it is that they receive for their sponsorship was discussed.

Steve shared with the board members that he had received a phone call from the Audio Video Vendor for Yakima Convention Center today expressing that they had not received payment for the audio video utilized at the last conference held at the Yakima Conference Center. They stated that amount owed was $1,047.00.

Geoff would like to volunteer to discuss with the Wenatchee area having a green conference, (environmental conference.) There is a template for doing that and would like to check into it and explore with others interested. (Steve and Brad expressed interest).

Geoff requested topics of interest for the fall conference from the board members, the following topics where suggested:
-  State Fire Marshal
-  Controls
-  Disintegration of Copper Pipes (Corrosion)
-  Arc Flash (Electrical)
-  (IBC) International Building Code
-  Emergency Power-Impacts of Medical Equipment
-  Safety Surveyors
-  Carbon Foot Print (Environmental)
-  Future of Wireless

The team consisting of Geoff, Phil, Steve, Heather, Tom, Brad, Tim, Bud, Keith, will meet in Leavenworth Friday and the evening to plan the education for the fall conference.

Geoff complemented AMI as to the wonderful service that they provide and posting information on the WSSHE website.

Steve - Complimented President Tom on the great presidency job that he has done.

Jim mentioned the shuttle to the Lake Chelan Winery starting at 5:00pm the first meal will begin around 6:00. The BBQ will have a band and entertainment with dancing. We have three sponsors that donated $1,500 a piece. There are 150 pre-registered for the event. There will be a wine bar, tasting and tours.

This year we are honoring Dan Hook at the President’s reception. Past Presidents are required to wear their green jacket.