Campbell’s Resort
Chelan, WA
April 26, 2006


President Mike Kelly called the meeting to order at 2:07pm. Mike introduced Mike Dodson of the PS Chapter who is their President-Elect for 2007. Mike Dodson is the Interim Director of facilities at Virginia Mason Hospital. Steve Gross is now the Administrative Director to the Vice President.

Mike then introduced Keith Tomblin who is our computer guru. Keith comes to us from Idaho and has been working on the WSSHE website. Keith found 92 broken links within our site and fixed those and now has us up and running again.

Dee requested that we visit one of the agenda items while Keith was present. Jim Mead questioned the fees associated with PayPal on our site. Jim understands that passing along these fees is illegal. Keith said that the fees associated with PayPal are processing fees/service charges and it is an acceptable practice for the person using PayPal to pay those fees.

Dee reported that as of 4/25/06 the balance in our account is $37,277.75. We also have approximately $4,000.00 in our paypal account in which she will request the funds be transferred to our checking account.

Dee reported that because the Board meetings are being taped she needed a transcription machine. She asked Ray and Mike Kelly to check with their hospitals to see if we could purchase a used one and there were non available. New ones cost $249.00 so Dee went to ebay and purchased a brand new one still in the box with the headset, foot petal and machine which she purchased in an auction for $46.00 and some change.

Dee also reported that she ordered our new Membership Certificates from MinuteMan Press. They printed 1,000 for a cost of $134.00 and change. She also printed Certificates for all our current members and presented them to Mike to sign. Mike said he would try to get them all signed and back to Dee before the end of the conference.

Mike Kelly has chosen Portfolio’s for the annual gift this year. Dee reported that the gal she has been working with over the years gave us the 1,000 rate at $10 each. Dee also reported that we have an offer from Siemens to contribute $1,500.00 towards the purchase of the portfolios and we would add their logo along with the WSSHE logo. Board members discussed having an additional logo on the portfolios and it was decided that we would only have the WSSHE logo on them. Dee passed around two samples of the portfolio’s, one in green and one in black and it was decided that we would chose “Kelly” green for the color. Mike Kelly also asked the Board to consider adding something in the portfolio’s such as a calculator, Ink Pen etc.

Dee passed out copies of the first transcribed minutes. These are transcribed word for word from the tapes and the document was 27 pages long. Board members discussed the transcribed version vs. the condensed version. It was decided that Dee would continue recording the Board meetings and would transcribe one copy for the file, keep all the tapes and type a condensed version for future Board meetings and to be posted on our website.

Geoff asked if we could have CD’s with the current roster mailed to the board members. Don Rainey made a motion to have Dee email the contact lists to Chapter Secretaries and board officers. Dee seconded the motion. Discussion: Ray said he personally likes the book. Todd asked if the roster could be placed on the website. Some members don’t like their information on the website. Don Rainey suggested that the roster be provided to board members only. After a brief discussion Mike called for a vote. Motion Passed

Mike Kelly requested that the board all get together while here at the conference and have a picture taken to be put on the website home page. It was agreed that we would do that.

The board had a discussion regarding Transcribed notes vs. the condensed version of the minutes. It was decided that we should transcribe the minutes as they are on the tapes for our records and do a condensed version of the minutes as we have in the past.

Todd made a motion to postpone the approval of the Feb. minutes and have Dee type the condensed version to be approved at the next board meeting. Jim Mead seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

Todd made a motion that the board meeting be taped , that the tapes be saved and minutes be summarized for content. Motion was seconded. Motion Passed.

Phil stated that ASHE has changed their criteria for next years gold award. We need to track how many of our members are ASHE members. Dee is tracking that on the roster spreadsheet now. Dee stated that many members when filling out their renewal form, do not mark the area where it asks if they are an ASHE Member. Phil mentioned that this information is published on the ASHE website and Dee will get that information to verify our members.

Phil reported on the 2005 Gold Submission. There is a score card with a minimum of 280 points, we had 310 total points. Next year with the new criteria they will have a Platinum Member. We already meet most of the criteria but we will need to have 60% of our members be a member of ASHE.

The board discussed the bylaws regarding chapter officers. The State and all 3 chapter bylaws state that Associate Members may not hold office. Mike Kelly made a motion that the voting members of this board will provide direction to all chapters to follow the bylaws and therefore no Associate Members are to hold office. Tom Pitts seconded the motion. Motion Passed Unanimously. It was also agreed that all the chapters will mirror their bylaws to match the State bylaws.

Ray stated that Dave Cady has volunteered to work on the bylaws committee. The bylaws committee members are Dave Cady, Dee Tiedemann, Phil Kercher, Jim Mead and Mike Kelly.

Geoff commented that by August the SW Chapter must have their President-Elect nominee submitted to the board.

The board discussed the PS Chapters Pete Peterson Scholarship Fund. This fund was set up with its own EIN number and is a 501 3 and is separate from our organization. The entire board agrees that having a Pete Peterson Scholarship fund is a great idea but needs to be within the organization. The State board recommended that this fund be dissolved and one set up within the organization. Geoff Glass will contact the Peterson family and explain the situation to them. Gary Welch was asked to draft a letter for board review with the history and reasons why the 2 groups are separate and distinct to mailed out to the membership. Phil suggested that we rename the Mac McKenzie Scholarship fund to the Pete Peterson Scholarship fund. The board agreed that we should discuss that issue once the PS Chapter decides what they want to do with the scholarship fund they have now.

Dee stated that we have 154 registered for the conference and the booths are all filled. Geoff reviewed the speakers and some of the presentations that we will have. Dee announced that Heather Warner and Keith Tomblin will be helping at the registration table.

Jim Mead announced that the committee would be looking at the bylaws and should have some revisions later this year. The bylaws committee members are Jim Mead, Dave Cady, Dee Tiedemann and Phil Kercher with revisions to be cc’d to Mike Kelly.

PS Chapter nominated Steve Grose from Virginia Mason Medical Center as their President-Elect for 2007. Jim Mead made a motion to approve Steve as the President-Elect. Motion Passed

There being no further business, Mike Kelly adjourned the meeting at 5:30PM. As we did not get service for dinner, dinner is on our own and a reminder that the President’s reception is to start at 7 PM.