AUGUST 13, 2008


Tom Pitts - State President
Russell Kent, CHFM - President PS Chapter
Philip Kercher, FASHE CHFM - ASHE Liaison
Heather Warner - WAM Coordinator
Ray Tiedemann - Sec./Treasurer SW Chapter
Mike Chitwood - Sec./Treasurer State
Stephen Grose, CHFM - Imm. Past President
Brad Jones - State President-Elect
Jim Mead - Sec./Treasurer PS Chapter
Tim Mason - Alternate Member
Randy Kaiser -  Sec./Treasurer Eastern Chapter
Geoff Glass - Historian

President 11:35 Meeting called to Order at the Bar 14 Ranch House, Ellensburg WA.

Approval of April 23rd 2008 Minutes
Financial report as sent by AMI.

President Tom reported we are doing well financially.

Southwest Chapter Report
Ray Tiedemann reported SW chapter has 59 paid members, and 11 unpaid members. 70 members total. Best financial shape the SW chapter has been in to date. Reviewed past chapter meetings. Keith Deline elected as SW chapter president elect.

Eastern Chapter Report
Brad Jones reviewed Easter Chapter activities, including the one-day training class in June in Moses Lake, WA. The Chapter is doing very well financially with about $14,000 in the treasury..

Puget Sound Chapter Report
Russ Kent reported Tim Mason is the PS education chair. He reviewed past & future chapter meetings and events. On July 16th, they kicked off the ASHE scholarship program. Russ Kent will be the 2010 state president.
Jim Mead reported the chapter has 256 paid members, up 16%. Net $16,000 in the bank.


Sustaining Membership

Heather Warner filled in for Jim Fry. Jim Fry is working on a membership/partnership proposal for the Board. Issue of raising membership dues tabled until a later meeting.

Annual Conference
Geoff Glass reviewed the Annual Conference agenda. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Geoff encouraged all Board members to participate in the putt-putt tournament. AMI will send Jim Mead a $2500 check for door prizes. Board agrees to have a flat screen TV for the grand door prize with Associate member sponsorship. At this time, we have 65 Vendors registered & 85 conference attendees.

AMI tasking increases and costs
The original contract called for $500 a month. Given AMI’s time to date, they have requested an increase to $1350 a month. Their work has included advocacy flashes, speaker sheets, news flashes, chapter announcements and travel arrangements. Board would like a clear definition of AMI’s duties & scope of work. Motion made to pay AMI $1350 request rate for 90 days. Motion approved unanimously. Rates will be reevaluated after 90 days. A six member group will be formed to review AMI services, to include Mike Chitwood, Randy Kaiser, Jim Mead, Brad Jones, Tom Pitts and Heather Warner.

Chapter Financial Reporting Quick Books
Jim Mead would like all chapters to be using the same software for financial reporting.

Boards input – support of IFMA High Perf Hosp
Geoff Glass explained IFMA’s High Performance Hospital event. IFMA would like WSSHE to help publicize this event. Motion made for WSSHE to support this event and to allow IFMA to publicize on our web site and send a flash out to the membership. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion made for Russ to bring a description and cost of services to the Annual Conference for Board vote to build a statewide membership database showing who is a facility manager.

Tom reminded Board that WSSHE only needs one set of bylaws. The three sub-chapters should plan to dissolve their individual bylaws and create policy or practice statements if they have unique issues outside of the state’s bylaws.

Steve wanted to know how the Semi-Annual Conference had an increase in profit from years previous. No determination was made.

Motion to approve the creation of a reserve account for buffer money. Motion approved. A final determination of “how” this will occur will be discussed in the future.

Raising membership dues was discussed and determined there will be no increase at this time since there are other means of increasing revenue.


ASHE Advocacy – Chapter Gold and Platinum
Phil reported he will work with Katie at AMI to determine if at least 50% of our Full members are ASHE members.

ASHE Annual report
Phil reported on ASHE’s Annual Conference. 22 members from Washington attended the ASHE Annual. Phil presented on WSSHE’s scholarship program.

State Advocacy
Geoff Glass reported from Olympia

Mac Mackenzie Scholarship Report
Ray reported we earned interest in the amount of $1670.00. The account balance is $62,364.00 Scholarship application due date is Friday 8/15 at midnight. Ray will then review the 5 applications. Ray will send the list to the office, with announcement for year 2008-2009. The three member committee include Ray, Randy Kaiser and Jim Mead.

Next Board Meeting

Next Meeting at Annual Conference September 16th, 2008 – The Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel, Wenatchee