AUGUST 21, 2009


Board Members Attending: refer to sign in sheet

Meeting called to order at 11:50a.m. by President Elect Russ Kent

Approval of minutes from last meeting-Consent Agenda- Approved

July financial reports, year to date, were e-mailed to Board 8-14-09 approved.

Southwest Chapter Report
K. Deline reported on a tour of St Anthony’s in Gig Harbor. The organization chose not to staff the boiler plant 24/7; rather the systems are alarmed. Chapter held a training session on pneumatics.

Puget Sound Report:
J. Mead reported that education committee will meet in three weeks. There will be a case study on the Empire State building. Jim is advocating that all facilities have a fire stop program. Annual holiday party at Glen Acres Golf Club on December 9.

Eastern Report:
P. Kercher reported on a meeting at Valley Medical Center. Discussion about fire marshal’s inspections, sustainability, codes, etc. Next meeting scheduled in Ellensburg.

b) Communications / Newsline / Website
NewsLine: We need articles from all chapters. To date, I have received two of the minimum six needed for our national recognition.
Web Site: AMI has published and Brad approved proposed dates for the conference flashes.

c) ASHE update
All about Steve: have you voted? Please support Steve Gross.
Six year fire damper testing: CMS is not allowing an early waiver request for damper testing frequency. Must wait until cited and then send a letter.

d) “Mac” Mackenzie Scholarship Report
R. Teidemann reported that the fund is healthy and again beginning to grow. Committee will research the details around how funds are donated, specifically what sources are allowed.

e) WAM
Committee is working diligently in support of our conferences. The Board offers profound thanks for Heather’s work.

f) WSSHE Advocacy Committee Report
WSSHE and WSHA are working with the state fire marshal to unravel the issues around CMS being cited as the definitive standard for hospital inspections. Facilities will probably be cited for humidity in OR rooms until the requirements change yet will be given a form letter approving the variance.


a) WAM Issues

Board members are empowered to make a case by case decision regarding the benefits awarded associate members for their various sponsorship levels.

b) Retired members/Honorary Board Members Designation
R. Kent discussed the issues around retirees and their membership in WSSHE. Recommend adding a fourth category of membership for retired members. Current bylaws have a provision for honorary members.

Action: Accept proposal as submitted by Russ. This bylaws change will be taken to full membership for approval at our annual conference. Approved


a) Goals / Strategic Planning

R. Kent discussed the need to look ahead at our responsibilities for the upcoming conferences, specifically the regional effort. Also talked about the need to consolidate the storage of WSSHE information. Advocates a one page strategic document.

b) Washington State Bio-Medical Association
We received a request for help with forms, process, etc. in planning a symposium. AMI is authorized to provide assistance.

c) Semi Annual Future Dates:
Contracts are in place with Campbell’s for the following dates.
  o 2010 April 28-30
  o 2011 April 27-29
  o 2012 April 25-27
  o 2013 April 24-26

d) ASHE Annual Conference
2011 conference will be in Seattle.

e) WSSHE Annual Conference –Yakima Oct 13 - 16
Board discussed the final planning details for the conference.
Board meeting prior to conference at 2:30 p.m.

f) 2010 Regional Conference Update
P. Kercher has coordinated a conference oversight committee consisting of five members, representing each state and Canada.

VII. Late breaking news/information
• The “Making Sense Out of Sustainability in Healthcare” seminar that’s been developed in partnership with the IFMA Healthcare Council is scheduled for Sept. 23 at Puget Sound Energy’s training center in Bellevue.

It was given at the OSHE annual conference in Bend last month. The half-day seminar was developed with considerable input from the IFMA Healthcare Council’s new VP of Sustainability, Brian Weldy, who is VP/Engineering & Facilities for Hospital Corporation of America.

Please call 503-274-7162 to register or go online at

Adjourned at 4:30 p.m.