AUGUST 25, 2006


Mike Kelly, Ray Tiedemann, Kevin Krogness, Tom Pitts, Jim Mead, Steve Grose, Gary Welch, Geoff Glass, Phil Kercher, Todd Werdahl, Randy Kaiser, Dee Tiedemann, Teresa Otto.

Don Fulton, Mike Dodson, Norm McLarin, Don Rainey, Mike Chitwood.

President Mike Kelly called the meeting to order at 11:45 AM. Mike announced that we would start the meeting but take a short break when the waitress came in to take our order for lunch and then we would continue with the meeting.

Mike said he liked getting the minutes before the meeting and asked if they could be sent prior to the board meeting. Dee said she would start doing that. Dee referred members to their packets for 2 sets of minutes. Mike stated that he would like to see not only the motions but would also like to see who made the motions and the actual vote count. He would also like to have it listed if the votes are unanimous. Randy made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 26,2006 as written. Jim Mead seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Jim Mead asked if he could reserve the right to review the minutes and send any corrections later. Mike Kelly said that would be acceptable.

Mike Kelly announced that he received an email this morning that Don Rainey was giving his proxy vote to Steve Grose for this board meeting.

The condensed version of the Feb. board minutes were reviewed. Dee made a motion to approve the Feb. board minutes as written. Todd seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Dee stated that the balance in our account is $34,067.97 as of today.

Now that the website is operating fully again, Dee asked if the Chapter Secretaries would please submit their minutes and education notices to be posted. To date the Eastern Chapter is the only one who has sent any information to be posted this year.

Geoff asked if some of the old information could be removed from the various pages. Geoff volunteered to send Dee an email when he finds something that is out dated and needs removed. Dee said that anyone finding material that is out dated is welcome to notify her to have it removed. Mike Kelly said we should set a time frame of 120 days and after that it should be considered old and be removed from the site. Geoff stated that for things such as seminars or education items, he feels they should be removed once those are past the time of the event. Dee said she would try to watch those closer and remove the time dated material when it is outdated.

The 2nd Quarter financial statement was reviewed. Tom asked about the amount for the ASHE Conference. Dee explained that the amount listed was the amount that was paid out in that quarter and is not the total cost of the ASHE Conference. The remainder was paid in the 3rd quarter. Tom made a motion to accept and approve the 2nd quarter financial statement. Dee seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Mike reviewed the letter that was sent from Marc Dorendorff. The issue of the Pete Peterson Scholarship Fund was discussed. Mike suggested a possible solution would be to come under a scholarship to include the Mac McKenzie but the day to day operation of the Pete Peterson fund would be left to the PS Chapter. Steve Grose read a couple of motions that were presented to the PS Chapter Board members. Mike said he would invite the Pete Peterson Scholarship Funds board to merge with WSSHE. The WSSHE board of directors would approve vote to merge with WSSHE. Todd suggested that before this be completed we get approval from the IRS, an accountant or a Tax Attorney. Mike Kelly gave a deadline of October 4, 2006 for this to happen, no motion just a direction. The proposal is to be in writing to the Board, no later than October 4, 2006.

Mike Kelly asked for a $100 gift certificate to reward Tee (his secretary) for her service. This was a unanimous approval for a gift certificate to Nordstrom's.

Speaker Assignments:
Mike went through the agenda and assigned the board member who arranged for the speakers to introduce them.

Don Fulton has offered to select the gifts for this year. Mike asked Dee to get a check to Don so he can get started shopping early. Steve Grose offered to purchase the gifts for the Casino Night. Mike asked Dee to give Steve a check for $2,500.00 before he left the meeting so he can purchase those gifts.

Speaker Gift Baskets:
Geoff asked Dee to arrange for the gift baskets. It was requested to purchase baskets for each speaker for at least $50 and to include Wine, fruit etc. Dee said she would arrange to have the baskets include a bottle of local wine. Mike said to contact Kim Schubert at the Welcome center and she would direct us to a place to purchase the baskets.

Steve Grose will present the Associate Member of the Year award at the conference.

Mike said he will have at least 400 brochures printed by the staff at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Dee will mail those out with the new Membership Certificates and this years printed Roster.

Geoff said he will put together a photo show with music for this years event.


ARTICLE II – SECTION 5: Dues shall be payable by January 1 of each year except for honorary members who will not be required to pay dues. Dee recommended this be changed to March 1. A motion was made to make the change, Tom Seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

ARTICLE VI – SECTION 1: The affirmative vote of two-thirds of the full members of the Society voting at the annual meeting, or other meeting called for such purpose, shall be required to amend these by laws. Tom made a motion for this to read “members” and drop the full since Associate Members now have a vote. Jim seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

ARTICLE III – SECTION 1: The Board of Directors’ terms of office will be two years, starting at the close of the annual meeting, and the terms of representatives shall be staggered. Tom made the motion for this to read “three years” except Ex-officio members (ASHE Liaison, Historian, Scholarship Chairman and WAM Coordinator. Rand seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Ray announced that we had only 3 applications for the Scholarship program this year and all 3 were awarded. The Scholarship fund is at $52,631.00 and previously was $54,132.30. We paid out $2,250 for the BOC program that 3 of last year’s recipients completed.

Ray stated that he will be reintroducing a proposed change to Article V-Section 1 of the bylaws at the next board meeting regarding standing committees and the scholarship.

Puget Sound – Jim stated that at the next board meeting he will be making a proposal to separate the Secretary/Treasurer’s position and that it be held by a full member. He asked what benefits our Honorary and retired members receive. Dee stated that Honorary and retired members have the same benefits as full members.

Jim stated that PS Chapter has 206 paid members and has approx. $15,000.00 in their account. They had their first annual 1 day seminar at Highline Hospital. They have a program arranged for Nov. and have had 4 to date with excellent participation. Mike Kelly requested that each chapter send him their new members information.

Southwest – Kevin stated that they had a leadership training meeting in Tacoma. They offered a technical training program but on had 4-5 members that responded so it was postponed. They are planning their annual dinner for later this year. Their chapter has $4,858 in their account.

Eastern – June 2nd they had a meeting in Walla Walla with a fabulous vegetarian lunch, 17 were in attendance. Randy stated they have $10,177.00 in their account. Advocacy issues were discussed and members were encouraged to submit Newsline articles. Phil announced that they have reviewed and approved their chapter bylaws to mirror the states bylaws. They promoted the upcoming annual conference. Their program has “Questions from Chuck” and they had lots of good questions. Their speaker was Gary Greenwood from G.G. Consultants. Their next meeting will be Sept. 8th. They had a one day technical program on steam systems and had 20 in attendance at Moses Lake.

The next meeting will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 3 PM at the annual conference.

Mike stated that he would email his budget for the annual conference to all board members which will have a net of $7 - $10,000.00. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM.