DECEMBER 2, 2005


Randy Kaiser, Don Fulton, Steve Pennington, Chad Beebe, John Williams, Marlei Daniels, Dale Oakley, Ron Darling, Paul Scott, Bill Oeder, Dave Franklund, Bob Baker, Kristen Clayton, Jason Rose Bill Kinzel, John Rivard, Nick Naccarato, John Smith, Bruce Price

Host: Dale Oakley
President: Dale Oakly
President- Elect: Don Fulton
Secretary Treasurer: Randy Kaiser

Call to Order:
President Dale Oakley called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the June 3rd meeting at Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee were approved.

Treasurers Report:
It was reported that there is 7751.15 in the money market account.

Old Business:
1) Advocacy: Dale addressed the members present to see if anyone has been involved in any advocacy efforts whether at a local, state or national level.

2) WSSHE Scholarship Program: Randy reported because of the fact that educational cost is increasing it was decided that they have raised the scholarship amount from $500.00 to 750.00.

3) WSSHE Newsline Articles: Dale called for members to submit news line articles for the 2006 WSSHE News line.

Bob Baker 1st quarter Kennewick General
Paul Scott 2nd quarter Lourdes
Kristyn Clayton 3rd quarter Kadlec Medical Center
John Rivard 4th quarter CH2O

New Business:
Dale called for members to host the 2006 WSSHE Eastern Chapter quarterly meetings at there facilities. They are as follows:
- Don Fulton Yakima Valley Memorial March 3rd
- Bruce Price Walla Walla General June 2nd
- Bob Baker Kennewick General September 1st
- Dale Oakley Kadlec December 1st

2) Dale reviewed the State Bylaw amendment vote with members present.
3) Dale discussed and proposed a Vouchers incentive to increase and encourage new membership. Dale proposed that a set amount be budgeted in the Eastern chapter funds to pay the annual membership fee to encourage someone who is not a member to join and attend meetings. A motion was made and approved to set 250.00 for the year of 2006. Members will contact the 2006 Eastern Chapter president with names of persons they would like to request this membership incentive for.
4) Dale called for nominations of 2007 Eastern Chapter president. A nomination of Norm McLarin of Holy Family Hospital was made. A call for a vote was unanimous for Norm to be the 2007 Eastern Chapter president.

Educational Program:
Chad Beebe Manager, Construction Review Services Program made a presentation on the current rule proposals for Chapter 246-314 Construction Review Fees, Staff updates. Chad also provided a side by side comparison of the current Hospital Licensing Regulations Chapter 246-320 and the 2006 edition of the Guidelines for the Construction of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities to help members understand the potential changes if this is adopted.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.