JUNE 6, 2008


Jason Rose, Andrew Conklin, Mark Overby, Bill Kinzel, Gordon smith, Dale Oakley ,Don Thornton, Rod Wolff, Tim Heidlebaugh, Neil Helberg, Brad Jones, Don Fulton, Doug Erikson,

Host: Dale Oakley

Call to Order:
 The meeting was called to order 10:15 by President Brad Jones.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Brad Jones gave a Treasurer report.

2) NEWSLINE ARTICLES: Encouraged members to participate in new article.

3) ADVOCACY: Dale Oakley has submitted humidifiers to the state review to install humidifiers that are not steam driven and is looking at live Steam injection for OR suites.

WSHA has solicited a letter be written to support the DOH staffing requests.

AIA guidelines were discussed concerning the adoption in Washington . The conversation was around the process for exemption of some of the standards and methods for that process. The State apparently is looking at our functional narrative to clarify issues with the code and will look at possible exception through that process.

Brad Jones has been working with Chad Beebe to see how he might be able to get DOH and DSHS more integrated in working with each other.

Brad Jones authored a letter on behalf of himself and WSSHE to the Regional Director of Washington State Department of Health and Social Services (DSHS) in an effort to integrate participation from DSHS in the WSSHE similar to that of the DOH/CRS The hope is to bring the regulating agencies to work more closely together on projects and facility related EOC matters.

4) ASHE NEWS: Brad spoke to the members about the ASHE rewards program and requirements for the different levels. Brad brought the idea (I think this was suggested by Phil Kercher) we pay for 65.00 dollars toward new member wanting to join and will reimburse them that amount when they join to encourage membership. We Tim Heidlebaugh made a motion to accept that idea it was seconded and approved we pay for this subsidy until we reach 50% in WSSHE for ASHE membership.

5) BOARD REPORT: Brad reported that the board has requested all chapters to amend their respective by-laws to match the state by-laws , associate member sponsorships were discussed, Scott carol is new region 10 representative, And a state committee was established to study Green initiatives and ideas for health care applications.

September 16-19: Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition Tradeshow;  The Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel, Wenatchee, WA.

The entertainment will be putt putt golf and members in partner with an associate member and build a hole we need 18 holes for this process.

7) WSSHE SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Brad announced that WSSHE will have five 750.00 scholarships available. Applications are on the WSSHE website and are due by August 15th.

8) NEW BUSINESS: State Fire Marshall’s office will train your staff on request for life safety training. Contact Brandon Lamay for more information.

9) QUESTIONS FROM CHUCK: Many items were discussed and if you missed it, bummer. Tim reported on his last JCAHO life safety. And will discuss with interested persons. call him for info if interested.

10) EDUCATION TOPIC/SPEAKER: Speaker Jason Rose Kadlec Medical center. Discussed dirty power and Ups systems and monitoring equipment for critical equipment.

NEXT MEETING: September 5th Central Washington Hospital. Discussion on if we should have this as the annual is only 2 weeks away. Will poll members as to canceling meeting.

Meeting Adjournment:
Jones adjourned the meeting at 1:30 and we did a tour of the new patient tower.