September 7, 2007


Randy Kaiser, tom Pittsenburger, Philip Kercher, Neil Helberg, Norm Mclarin, Ron Darling, Tim Heidlebaugh, Don Fulton, Mark Oversby, Doug Erickson, Tom Heidt, Ron Urlacker, Brad Jones, Dan Gleason, Dan Logsdon, Ed Luebben

Host: Phil Kercher
President: Norman McLarin
Secretary/Treasurer: Randy Kaiser

Call to Order:
Norm McLarin called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.

Approval of Minutes:
Call for approval of June meeting minutes.

Randy Kaiser gave a treasurer report
2) NEWSLINE: Norm called for members to submit newline articles. Tim and Dale owe for the first quarter, Phil submitted one for the 2nd quarter, Ron Darling will submit for the 3rd quarter.
3) ADVOCACY: WHSSE has been involved with the efforts on the AIA Guidelines with the requirement of the sink both in the bathroom and the patient room for single patient rooms.
4) ASHE NEWS: Phil spoke to the group about the value of ASHE membership to the individual and to the WSSHE organization. Phil told the members of the new Generator checklist and Life Safety Code check list that was available on the ASHE website.
5) WSSHE BOARD REPORT: Norm provided a board report and update to members. The state treasurer has 15,000.00. Norm talked about the changes to the WSSHE website and encouraged members to visit it and use the links provided. Phil addressed the locations for the annual conferences 2008 will be in Wenatchee, 2009&2011, will be in Yakima, and 2010&2012 will be in Spokane. The scholarship committee awarded 3 $750.00 scholarships to WSSHE members which may be used for tuition, and materials for coarse they are taking. Norm announced that Dee Tiedeman will resign as the State Secretary/Treasurer after the Annual conference in Yakima. The board is discussing the possibility of splitting the position into to positions a secretary and a treasurer position. Phil announced that the 2012 ASHE Annual conference will be in Seattle once again.
6) CHAPTER OFFICERS 2008: A call for nominations for the position of president 2008 was made. Brad Jones was nominated and second and voted on unanimously by all members present. A call for nominations Secretary/Treasurer position Randy was nominated and seconded and vote on by all members present the vote was unanimous for Randy to fill the position. Ron Darling volunteered to be the eastern chapter WAW coordinator.
7) ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Phil addressed the members on the program, keynote speaker, various topics, and recreation for upcoming annual conference to be held in Yakima at the Yakima Convention Center September 19, 20, and 21st.
8) QUESTIONS FROM CHUCK: Norm addressed the members on his recent DOH licensing survey with some of the issue found at his facility. Backflow prevention on the make up water to boilers requires RPBP. Tamper proof receptacles are required in waiting rooms. The issue of humidity control for ORs between 30-60% and a reporting procedure and action for when it is below 30% or above 60%.
9) EDUCATION TOPIC /SPEAKER: Mark Vander Schalie from Coleman Oil Wenatchee gave a very informative presentation on different types of Oil/Lubricants and there uses and chemical properties.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 the next meeting will be December 14th at Sacred Heart Medical Center Spokane.