John Beck, Larry Kiehl, Bud Brown, Kevin Krogness, Mike Carico, Ben Myers, Jonnie Cavanias, Dave Reid, Mike Chitwood, Jeff Schulz, Matt Crollard, Mike Simmons, Lyle Daugherty [ Chair], Paul Starbird, Geoff Glass, Ray Tiedemann, David Gwinn, Gary Welch, Glen Greenwood, Todd Werdahl [recorder], Chris Hansen

Call to Order:
Lyle Daugherty called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Business Meeting

Approval of Minutes:
Last meeting was the Annual Dinner meeting in Centralia, WA. No minutes were taken during the Annual Dinner. Todd Werdahl briefly summarized highlights of the gathering.

Secretary/Treasurer Report:
Accounts Report was provided verbally by Todd Werdahl. Report was accepted without correction.

Old Business:
No old business to discuss.

Education Report:
Gary Welch provided a review of the education planned for the year: February will be LEED / Green Building presentation by NEEA/NEEC. March will be code changes and dialog with Fire Marshalls. April will be discussions with Chad Beebe (DOH) regarding change from UBC to IBC. May meeting will be replaced by the WSSHE Semi-Annual event in Chelan, WA (April 28 & 29). June will be an interesting “tour opportunity”, yet to be determined (Puget Sound Blood Center is being considered with it’s Tissue Lab and Blood Bank). July or August will be a presentation by Robert Blakely on Sustainable Buildings and Green Building Certification. September will be the Chapter’s Annual Dinner, followed by the WSSHE Annual Conference (September 14 th , 15 th and 16 th ) in Yakima, WA.

Newsline Report:
Todd Werdahl reported that the Chapter had no Newsline articles to submit to the WSSHE State Board and requested everyone consider ideas and topics to submit for our Chapter. Todd shared that trade journal articles of interest could be considered as long as copyright authorization could be obtained (Todd, as Chapter Newsline person, would request copyright authorizations). Member-authored articles would be great, as well. Any Newsline article or suggestion should be submitted to Todd.

New Business:
 Discussion on the WSSHE website. Todd Werdahl polled those in attendance as to how many in the group had visited the new WSSHE website. About 50% had visited the website. Some individuals commented that the website needed to be refreshed (had old information) or had broken links or incorrect links (SW Chapter link pulls up Eastern Chapter information). All hoped to see the website updated soon and agreed it was a valuable tool for our membership across the state.

Ray Tiedemann shared that WSSHE Scholarships are available (six $500.00 scholarships available each year) and information would be mailed out soon reminding the membership to consider this education benefit. In 2003, only two scholarships were given out. In 2004, WSSHE gave out three. It’s easy. Fill out an application to be considered.


  • Tacoma General recently opened a 170,00 sq. ft. facility (4 levels). Two levels for Operating Rooms with each room having its own air handling unit. If something goes down, only one room is out of commission. The downside is that the energy consumption is somewhat greater than that budgeted for the new facility. TG’s JCAHO survey is coming up soon.
  • St. Peter Hospital finalizing a Campus Renewal effort. Geoff Glass has been given additional responsibilities by assuming leadership of Security and PBX/Communications (23 additional people). FYI -- DOH wants to re-write their construction regulations. Everyone should be aware that DOH wants to complete the initiative in 18 months. DOH wants participation from WSSHE membership, as well as architect “partners”, to help guide the process. The first big decision DOH is seeking advice on is whether to scrap the WAC as we know it and go to AIA guidelines (what people may know as the “purple book”). 44 states have adopted the AIA guidelines; why not Washington? The AIA is very prescriptive and could impact small, rural hospitals financially. The DOH is open to input. Contact Mike Chitwood (CMC) or Geoff Glass (PSPH) for more details.
  • St. John Medical Center beginning a 5-year project on their 8-story facility. Look for new rooms, new switch gear, etc.
  • Gary Welch confirmed that the BPA is offering rebates even when your local utility company has said “no”. Also, utility companies are more generous with their grants and rebates at this time of year. Energy conservation projects should be presented sooner than later.
  • Madigan Army Hospital is 10 months away from their JCAHO survey (October 2005). The facility finished a 800 hp standby boiler project in July.
  • SW Washington Medical Center has a lot of construction projects getting underway – a relocation of DI, move Engineering, a helipad relocation, a parking garage with elevator is planned, and with a JCAHO survey only three weeks away!
  • Capital Medical Center has upgraded their DI area with a new 16-slice CT that can do a full body scan in 32 seconds. Patients used to wait on the machine but now the machine waits on the patient!
  • Grays Harbor Community Hospital is finally expanding by moving forward with a new 15,000 sq. ft. Emergency Room, with a shelled 2 nd floor and helipad. Improved infrastructure, too.
  • Centralia Hospital is getting a new Emergency Center, while also re-roofing Medical Records and upgrading infrastructures.
  • Follett is scheduling their twice annually visits to facilities so expect to be contacted. Follett’s new stainless steel refrigerators are being received very well. They compliment Pyxis units, have a 15-year life and have slide-out components like their ice machines.

The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.