NOVEMBER11, 2006


The Southwest Chapter met at Grays Harbor Community Hospital from 4PM until 645pm enjoying the hospitality of Dave Reid and his staff.

We were treated to a tour of his new wing followed by a dinner meeting in conference room B.

Kevin Krogness - Providence Centralia Hospital
Dave Reid - Grays Harbor Community Hospital
Kay Richmond - Grays Harbor Community Hospital
Dave Phillips - McQueen
Gary Welch - American Air Filter
Tom Powell - Grays Harbor Community Hospital
Geoff Glass - Providence St Peters Olympia
Bob Sliven - Providence Centralia Hospital
Tom Pitts - MultiCare Health System Tacoma Gen.

Old Business:
Tom Pitts the new SW Chapter President opened the meeting during dinner.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes were read from our breakfast meeting at the Kennewick Annual Conference.

A financial report was not available.

Old Business:
No Old business was brought before the membership by those in attendance.

New Business:
Under New Business several decisions were agreed upon by the membership in attendance.

1. Our representative to the WSSHE State Pres Elect position is Tom Pitts of MultiCare in Tacoma, he is also our presiding SW Chapter President.

2. SW Chapter Pres Elect- is still open

3. SW Chapter Secretary/Treasurer is still open

4. The frequency of Chapter meetings in the future will be every quarter. Attentively we plan to have quarterly breakfast meetings on Thursdays at one of our hospitals, in March, June, September and December. We will additionally have a breakfast meeting at the WSSHE Annual and Semiannual meetings. We plan to continue the Annual Dinners.

5. Future meetings will be along the I 5 corridor between Tacoma and Chehalis. This is in an effort to conduct our meetings and training nearer the population of our membership.

6. If our host hospitals do not have budget for these meetings we will pay out of the SW Chapter budget as long as we can.

7. The technicians’ level training sessions will continue as long as there is interest.

8. Our future meetings will concentrate on sharing information, tours of the host’s plants and possibly a tour of another facility of interest as the September program.

9. Assignments were made encouraging members present to make contact with all the Hospitals in the SW Region of our state. Geoff Glass took the lead on this and made the assignments. Thanks Geoff

Future meeting dates will be announced prior to the first quarter of 2007

And a good time was had by all.

We thank Dave Read and his staff for their outstanding hospitality

The November meeting of the WSSHE SW Chapter adjourned at 645 PM on November 8, 2006.

Any corrections to these minutes would be appreciated- please email