JUNE 20, 2008


The Southwest Chapter met at Harrison Medical Center and the meeting was called to order by Gregg Bergstrom, SW Chapter President at 11am

Gregg Bergstrom – Harrison Memorial Hospital/SW Chapter President
Jay Auley – Morton
Mike Bennett – Harrison Medical Center
Matthew Campbell – CRS/Department of Health
Douglas Coover – Harrison Medical Center
Neil J. Davaz – Advanced Entry Systems
Tirso Delossantos – Harrison Medical Center
Antonio Diaz – Harrison Medical Center
Jose Diaz – MacDonald Miller
Geoff Glass – Providence St. Peter Hospital
Larry Kiehl – Madigan Army Medical Center
Todd Loihle – Harrison Medical Center
Karl Masters – Harrison Medical Center
Peter Nielsen – Harrison Medical Center
Tom Pitts – Multicare Tacoma/WSSHE State President
Gary Welch – AAF International
Ward Yohe – Harrison Medical Center

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes were read and approved from our March meeting at Providence St Peter Hospital.

The financial report was read and approved.

Old Business:
Gregg Bergstrom discussed the search for the new SW Chapter President to complete the term on this year and to fill the 2009 year presidency. There is also a need for the President-Elect position for the 2010 year presidency. Gregg stated that he had several candidates that he had not contacted yet but would do so in the very near future. He asked that any Full Member of the SW Chapter who would be interested in the position to please contact him.

New Business:
The Education Program and Schedule was discussed by Gary Welch, Education Chairman for the SW Chapter. Gary stated that the next education meeting was scheduled for August 8th at Providence Centralia. The topic was still being developed at the time of this meeting. There was also a Technician Training to be held on August 21st at Harrison Medical Center. Gary had a presenter for the Medical Gases portion but was having difficulty in finding someone to give training on Pneumatics. Gary stated that he was going to start looking for another topic for the meeting. He also asked for and received several good suggestions for future training topics both for the Technician and Education Meetings.

Gregg Bergstrom discussed the Fall Dinner/Golf Tournament for this year. He indicated that this year he was looking at The Home Golf Course in DuPont as the site for this year’s tournament. Gregg was still in the planning stages but felt that the tournament would be held around late September/early October.

Tom Pitts, WSSHE State President, discussed how he wanted to take WSSHE to the next level with ASHE and become a Platinum member of ASHE. He stated that if each chapter could get 4 more members to join ASHE, that WSSHE would then be able to meet all the criteria for Platinum membership.

After discussion, a motion was placed before the members from Gregg Bergstrom as follows:

“That the SW Chapter would use current chapter funds (up to a total of $600) to sponsor four (4) Full Members from the SW Chapter to allow them to join ASHE. The sponsorship would only be available to Full Members and not Associate Members. Gary Welch is selected to send out the email to the membership. The SW Chapter Board of Directors would select up to 4 sponsorships from those applicants that respond”

It was decided that Gary would send the email out within the next two weeks with a required response by July 11th.

The motion was seconded by Geoff Glass and unanimously approved.

Education Meeting:
Matt Campbell from Construction Review Services/Department of Health presented “Building a Healthy Future” as the education topic for the meeting. He discussed how current projects were assigned and approved and gave the membership information on how to speed up the approval of projects. He also gave an in depth presentation on the pending adoption of the AIA/FGI Guidelines and how they would affect construction and remodel projects. He answered questions from the members and allowed for an in depth discussion of how these new standards would impact our facilities.

We would like to than Matt for giving an interesting and informative training, especially on the short notice that he received. Well Done, Matt!

We thank Gregg Bergstrom and his staff for their outstanding hospitality

The June meeting of the WSSHE SW Chapter adjourned at 12 noon on June 20, 2008. Lunch was provided by Harrison Medical Center for the members and a short tour of the facilities was made afterwards. .