Volume 64  |  Fall 2010

A Challenging Time To Be In Health Care: So What Are We Going To Do About It?"

by Mike Kelly, Director of Facilities/urban campuses / Providence Health Care, Spokane WA

As I begin my 32nd year in health care engineering, I am not sure that I have ever experienced such a dynamic time. We at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center are currently going through a reduction in force. Those of us in health care engineering know about the trauma and stress that puts all of us through! We are being asked to cut expenses by a minimum of 5%. We sure thank the Lord for low natural gas prices. In Spokane, we have integrated the two Providence campuses at Sacred Heart & Holy Family Hospital, including the combining of the two departments under one Facilities. I now have responsibility for the two campuses and I am blessed with a superior Facilities Management team and an outstanding Facilities staff.

The integration included combining Facilities, Construction Management, Clinical Engineering and Providence Sacred Heart Engineering Services, the for-profit bio-med service that manages over 240-contracts for various hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers. Also included were Security, Parking Services and Grounds. During the initial stages of the integration, the management staff challenged each other to identify, implement and report out cost-saving initiatives on a bi-monthly basis. Our team has been very successful and we would like to share that success with our WSSHE members. In the link below, you will find a spreadsheet identifying actual cost-saving initiatives that reduced the Facilities budget, cost-saving initiatives that saved money for other departments, energy initiatives such as the 25-watt lamp conversion project that is waiting for capital dollars to be released, VFD’s and cost-avoidance that has been realized.

> Spreadsheet of Facilities Budget cost-saving Initiatives [pdf]

My hope is that our work can open cost-saving doors for you and your facility so we may better serve the needs of our patients, families, visitors and staff.

Best of luck.


Mike Kelly
Director of Facilities/urban campuses
Providence Health Care
Spokane WA
[October 27, 2010]

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