Volume 52  |  Spring 2006

Letter from the President:

A happy spring to you and yours,

I can't believe that the Semi-Annual in Chelan is only a month away. I know the 'good' rooms at Campbell's are taken but there are rooms remaining. I am truly excited about our program, "Preparing Health Care Facilities for the Katrina Of the Pacific Northwest". Our speakers are top notch and we are receiving reservations from many Safety Officer and Risk Management folks. I don't want to sound like a broken record but please get your registrations in and reservations made. For fun, we will again have the putt-putt masters event (get that Green Jacket from AK-47; Art Kjos) and the Board will host the President's Reception. This is on Thursday. On Wednesday we have the kick off reception graciously sponsored by Wood Harbinger, a heart felt thank you!

Teamwork is one of the five Key Values here at Sacred Heart Medical Center. I want to let you know that your Board has been exhibiting this value working with the many issues before them. They are doing a great job managing difficult issues. I'd like to take just a moment and let you all know about:

Insurance issues: Your board has voted and approved a measure to provide insurance for the Directors and Officers of the Board. In this day and age, it was felt that this was necessary to protect the volunteer officers of the Board. A number of issues could occur and to say, "We should have or could have...." would be a disservice to the many members of WSSHE.

Accounting: Your board and voted and approved a basic template for all Chapters to report to the State regarding financial matters. My thanks to Todd Werdahl for his leadership and work on this matter.

By-laws: Jim Mead and others worked extremely hard aligning us with ASHE in regards to our By-laws. We are now there. Additional clarification was achieved regarding the issue of Full Member and Associate Members regarding classifications clarification for holding office. This was a tough discussion that was conducted in a professional and very appropriate manner in which the outcome that is you work leading a Facilities Department (or related health care position) you are eligible to hold office. I was very proud of your board regarding the display of teamwork as it pertained to this matter.

Education: I was remise in not thanking Mr. Chad Beebe for helping with speakers for the Semi. Chad, my sincere thanks. We are now cresting that Symposium hill and looking at the annual. The Education Committee will meet the Friday and Saturday after the Semi Annual to discuss the possibilities for topics for the Annual Conference. I've already had input and it is very much appreciated. If there is something you would like to see or you have an idea, please contact me or a Board Member.

Networking: I want to encourage you to continue the networking throughout the organization. We are a healthy, dynamic, well educated bunch of people who will share our best practices and other knowledge at a drop of the hat. There are also employment opportunities within our organization. I know that I would not be at SHMC were it not for WSSHE, and I thank WSSHE all the time.

Advocacy: We just concluded a very spirited and productive 'public' meeting with the Department of Health regarding new construction standards. We'll be aligning ourselves with the AIA guidelines. There were nearly 50 proposed amendments discussed. I believe that DOH is listening to WSSHE and I look forward to our suggestions being incorporated into the documents.

Gold: My thanks to my partner in crime, Mr. Phil Kercher and all his very hard work ensuring WSSHE gets the GOLD for this past year. I never realized just how much work is involved, at it is a ton. Thanks to Phil's diligence and his quest for perfection, we are getting GOLD for 2005. My thanks to Past President Mike Chitwood and former board members for their work also!!

Website: As you are aware, your Board fired our previous webmaster and thanks to Dee and Ron Darling, we have a super webmaster now. I can assure you that our web site has never been better. Please hit it and take a look.

Dee Tiedemann: Fellow WSSHE members, I am telling you that this woman does one hell of a job for WSSHE. I encourage you to say thank you when you see Dee at the Semi. I can't thank her enough for all her hard work!!

I know I am forgetting something but the beauty of the electronic age is that if I am, I can get the information to you soon.

Have a wonderful Easter and I look forward to seeing all of you April 26. I'll attach the program just in case :)

Mike Kelly

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