Volume 67  |  Winter 2011

“Annual Generator Inspection Report Form"

by Philip Kercher, FASHE CHFM, Manager of Facilities at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane WA

The State Fire Marshal’s Office conducts the life safety inspection of your hospital as part of the Department of Health Licensing Survey. In Eastern WA, Deputy Fire Marshal Cliff Rogers suggests we use the attached form from their office to comply with the need for an annual Generator Inspection Report. There does not appear to be a need for this inspection to be performed by a factory representative or “certified” person or journeyman electrician, although that would certainly be a good decision. You may wish to use this annual form along with your weekly generator inspection log sheet to meet the annual inspection requirements.

> View Annual Generator Inspection Report Form

Philip Kercher, FASHE CHFM
Manager of Facilities
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
Spokane WA
[December 16, 2011]

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