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ConferenceApril 19 - 21, 2017
2017 Spring Symposium

"Regulatory Readiness: Seize the Opportunity"
Campbell's Resort, Chelan, WA
DOH CRS Review
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1. Presentation: "Medical Gas: NFPA 099 2012 Edition" by Carsten Lunde CMGV, RRT, ASSE 6050 Instructor, ASSE 6030 Verifier
Summary: Presentation highlights the changes for medical gas and vacuum source equipment and piping distribution systems from 1999 NFPA 99 standard to the current CMS adopted 2012 NFPA 99 requirement.
[22 pages]

2. Presentation: "Managing Medical Equipment in Today's Regulatory Environment" by Jeanette Thielen, CCE Manager of Clinical Engineering, Harborview Medical Center
Summary: Presentation highlights the practical application and requirements of a Clinical Engineering equipment management program. She will go over the code changes and the implementation, both alternative strategies, and when manufacturer’s recommendations are required.
[70 pages]

3. Presentation: "Demystifying Power Tap Use in Healthcare Settings" by John Garbarino Sr., Marketing Manager, Commercial/Industrial Leviton Manufacturing
Summary: There are many Codes, Standards, and organizations that define and influence the use of power strips in healthcare facilities. Learn about the different classifications of power strips, and their appropriate use throughout the facility.
[38 pages]



ConferenceDecember 9, 2016
4th Quarter Eastern Chapter Meeting
Location: Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

1. Presentation: "New 2012 Life Safety Code: What to Expect During a Fire Door Inspection"
by Heidi Young, Life Safety Services
[35 pages]

ConferenceSeptember 20 - 23, 2016
2016 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: A Commitment to Excellence"

Location: Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center

1. Presentation: "Advances in Central Plants: Combined Heat and Power"
by Anna Chittum, Visiting Fellow, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Summary: Benefits of combined heat and power systems (CHP) and best practices in large customer “self-direct” energy efficiency programs.
[58 pages]

2. Presentation: "Inspiring Customer Service and Communication Skills in Frontline Staff while Motivating Long Term Maintenance Staff"
by Susan Upton & John Williams, Washington State Department of Health, Construction Review Services
Summary: Basics of risk assessment methodology, including two different approaches: the Safety Risk Assessment in the 2014 FGI Guidelines and the Risk Category Assessment in 2012 NFPA 99.
[39 pages]

3. Presentation: "Quick Reference Tool: What do You Need to Understand about CMS Adoption of NFPA 101- 2012"
by Sharon G. Gilyeat, Koffel Associates
Summary: CMS officially adopted the 2012 edition of the Life Safety code. Sharon will discuss the new code adoption including sections of the code not adopted and its impact to health care organizations.
[2 pages]

4. Presentation: "What We Have... What They Want: Role-Based HCFM Career Development"
by Jack Gosselin, FASHE, CHFM Principal, Gosselin Associates, Mystic, CT
Summary: As the role of healthcare facilities leadership grows in terms of complexity and expectations, we need to keep our skills and attributes aligned with what healthcare organizations are seeking. From the unique perspective of a search consultant focused on this specific field, Jack will help HCFM'ers to improve their career development and professional growth by better understanding the positional demands of todays healthcare industry.
[17 pages]

5. Presentation: "Leading Facility Maintenance & Operations: How to make your CMMS work for you"
by Rob Malvaney, Market Development Manager, McKinstry
Summary: Your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can be an asset or a liability, or somewhere in between. This session will focus on strategies to bring the highest functionality out of your CMMS to improve productivity, enable effective reporting and resource management, and minimize risks.
[16 pages]

6. Presentation: "Principals for Mental Health Design and Risk Assessment"
by Timothy M. Rommel, AIA, ACHA, MRAIC & Joseph S. Cassatta, Principals – Cannon Design, Inc.
Summary: The World Health Organization estimates that well over 28% of the world’s population (and growing) will be afflicted with a serious, treatable behavioral health problem within their lifetime. We will explore current trends in mental health care delivery and how they are influencing the programming, planning, design and operation of behavioral healthcare facilities.
[64 pages]

7. Presentation: "What do You Need to Understand about CMS Adoption of NFPA 101- 2012?"
by Sharon S. Gilyeat, P.E., Principal, Koffel Associates, Inc.
Summary: On July 5th 2016 CMS officially adopted the 2012 edition of the Life Safety code. Sharon will discuss the new code adoption including sections of the code not adopted and its impact to health care organizations.
[108 pages]

8. Presentation: "Elements of a Forward Thinking Electrical Maintenance Program"
by Tim Conley, Senior Technical Advisor, Western Electrical Services, Inc.
Summary: Learn of the critical elements of an electrical system maintenance program including: infra-red, circuit breaker and ATS testing as well as switchgear cleaning.
[41 pages]

9. Presentation: "Integrated Lean Project Delivery: The New Normal"
by Jeani Natwick & Pierce McVey, Principals, NAC Architecture Lean Healthcare
Summary: Learn how Integrated Lean Project Delivery is being used in the healthcare construction industry to reduce design and construction time, reduce costs and improve the outcomes for construction projects.
[41 pages]

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ConferenceApril 20 - 22, 2016
2016 Spring Symposium
"HVAC Systems for Patient Centered Care: A Breath of Fresh Air"

Campbell's Resort, Chelan, WA
2016 Symposium PDF
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1. Presentation: "Case Study: OR Setback Strategies and Practical Issues" by Robert Blakey & Tom Nance
Summary: Making changes in existing areas with stringent regulatory ventilation requirements is never easy. Why would we tackle such projects? What are the energy and quality implications? What are some of the practical hurdles and challenges that we need to consider in order to achieve success on renovation projects of this type?
[14 pages]

2. Presentation: "Ventilation and Healthcare-Associated Infections: Evidence Based Risk Assessment" by Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, ICP, FRSPH, CABE
Summary: A history of infection control measures in hospitals, evolving bugs, sicker patients, stricter legislation on errors, and how management and can help reduce the risk for HAIs.
[32 pages]

3. Presentation: "Ventilation and Healthcare-Associated Infections: An Uphill Battle" by Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, ICP, FRSPH, CABE
Summary: Dr. Taylor expands on her research studies.
[68 pages]

3. Presentation: "Humidity Management in Health Care Facilities: A Physician’s Practical Assessment of Risk" by Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, ICP, FRSPH, CABE
Summary: Dr. Taylor is involved with research studies to understand the relationship between indoor humidity, temperature and airflow and infection control in health care facilities. Learn where we are now, where we should go and how to improve patient outcomes through humidity management.
[36 pages]

4. Presentation: "Smoke Management in Operating Room Renovations" by Sandy Bonderman, Sean Riley & Brian Robinett, Notkin Mechanical Engineers
Summary: learn about the recent changes to smoke management requirements that will affect your facility when renovating an operating room and hear lessons learned from several OR renovation projects. Learn how to leverage your existing HVAC systems for the renovation, what key design components are necessary so that problems don’t occur down the road, and how to ensure that the systems are operated per the design.
[45 pages]

ConferenceJanuary 13, 2016
Southwest Chapter Education Program "Helicopter EMS and Heliports"
St Joseph's Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

Presentation: "Hospital Heliports"
by David Ketchum, T.O Engineers, Tom Strunk and Patrick O'Neil, Facility Manager, St Joseph's Medical Center.
[28 pages]


ConferenceNovember 19, 2015
Southwest Chapter November Education: "Joint Commission Preparedness / Statement of Conditions Drawings"
Providence St Peters Hospital, Olympia

Presentation: "Joint Commission Preparedness / Statement of Conditions Drawings"
by Bob Dooley, AIA, AASHE, AWSSHE, NFPA, President & Manager, RL Dooley Architect, PLLC
[50 pages]

ConferenceOctober 6 - 9, 2015
2015 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"WSSHE: Corps of Health Care Discovery"

Hilton Vancouver Washington

1. Presentation: "Benefits of Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Asset Tracking"
by Peter Smeltz, Providence Everett Medical Center and Bud McIrvin, Providence Everett Medical Center
Summary: Looking for your boss? Want to keep tabs on your regulatory surveyors? Missing clinical equipment? Providence Everett Medical Center has built a robust system of temperature / humidity monitoring and asset tracking. Learn from their experience of the operational benefits and costs of implementing a wireless asset tracking system.
[25 pages]

2. Presentation: "Show Me Sustainability! Realizing Efficiency and Waste Avoidance"
by Stephen Chapel, P.E., Wood Harbinger and Jeff Yirak, P.E., Wood Harbinger
Summary: Sustainable design is about more that energy efficiency and earth-friendly materials. It’s about creating resilient and healthy conditions for people, communities, and the environment. Achieving real sustainability requires a lifecycle approach with up-front considerations and ongoing commitments. Learn how to improve the project delivery process from start to finish with this kind of sustainability in mind.
[22 pages]

3. Presentation: "Healing Gardens and Sustainable Landscape Design (Connecting Gardens to Patient Outcomes)"
by Liesel Zappler, Swedish Medical Center
Summary: How to create sustainable healing gardens using proper design, drought tolerant plants and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Topics include plant selection, pesticide reduction and the use of alternative methods, as well as how to reduce water usage. Learn how to save costs by decreasing chemical inputs and irrigation, and have increased aesthetics.
[59 pages]

4. Presentation: "Plastic Piping in Healthcare - Our Future?"
by Paul Idzik, University Mechanical Contractors
Summary: Discussion of the current and future practices of piping systems in healthcare facilities including design, product lifespan, maintenance, and repair.
[28 pages]

5. Presentation: "Inspiring Customer Service and Communication Skills in Frontline Staff while Motivating Long Term Maintenance Staff"
by Scott Ummel, Nash Consulting
Summary: Discussion of the importance of employee morale and management tips to build adaptive skills for front line staff.
[20 pages]

6. Presentation: "Lighting and Patient Outcomes: LED Lighting and Controls in Healthcare Facilities"
by Robert Blakey, CBRE, Group Health and Joe Schuler, Prime Electric
Summary: LED lights and advanced (state of the art) controls were recently installed at Group Health’s Northshore Clinic. This lighting solution offered innovative advantages for the staff and patients in addition to being extremely energy efficient at a modest cost increase. The contractor was able to take advantage of LEAN Construction techniques to significantly reduce the cost of installation. Learn how this may offer benefits for your next lighting project.
[26 pages]

7. Presentation: "Mergers and Acquisitions: From a Facilities Perspective"
by Gerry Kaiser, Ascension
Summary: With health care reform, the number mergers and affiliations (including challenges and opportunities presented) are increasing at a rapid pace. Mr. Kaiser will discuss his experience with integrating into health care systems and offer advice to facility team members to respond positively.
[26 pages]

8. Presentation: "Best Practice in Health Care Engineering: A Case Study of Excellence: Daily Operations Brief"
by Tom Kinman, PE, SASHE - Cincinnati Children's Medical Center
Summary: In 2010, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center established a daily briefing as a means to become a high reliability hospital. Tom will share how this improved means of communication helped establish a safer hospital and how the Facility Department responded to the challenges posed by this initiative.
[24 pages]

9. Presentation: "From Survive to Thrive: Doing More with Less"
by Rod Price, LEAP Performance Improvement
Summary: An interactive and educational discussion on several focused process improvement projects which have helped healthcare and utility leaders cope with providing increased service with shrinking resources.
[27 pages]

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Conference September 4, 2015
Eastern Chapter Meeting

Presentations from September 4, 2015 Eastern Chapter Meeting at Simplex Grinnell in Spokane.

1. Presentation: "Type 1 Essential Electrical Systems Governed by NFPA 99 and NFPA 70"
by David Rogers, Deputy State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol. [11 pgs]

2. Presentation: "Fire Drills in Licensed Care Facilities"
by David Rogers, Deputy State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol. [10 pgs]

ConferenceJune 24, 2015
Puget Sound Chapter Education Event

1. Presentation COMING SOON:  "Clearing the Air with Ventilation Management" VIDEO MP4
Presented by Chad Johnson, Owner of Adler Ventilation
[50 pages] Note: The presentation PDF is a 33 MB video. It you have trouble opening this large file, you can also opt to right-click link and "save as" to your computer or device.
The webinar is designed to address the climate control conduit for facility managers and front line staff from an expert who has been cleaning and maintaining ducts in the health care industry for more than 10 years. Join us as we focus on maintenance tips and lessons learned.Presentation.

ConferenceApril 22 - 24, 2015
2015 Spring Symposium
"Code Red: Maintaining Life Safety Compliance"

Campbell's Resort, Chelan, WA
Latest Updates
Putt-Putt Theme
DOH CRS Review
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1. Keynote Presentation: "The Life Safety Code: How We Got Here" by Duane Van Beek, President, Duane Van Beek & Associates LLC
Summary: The presentation shows the History of the Life Safety Code and how it has evolved to today’s code. He will discuss the philosophy of the code development and how it has changed over the years and where we are today. This presentation will provide insight into the importance of compliance with the code and the price paid for its development.
[19 pages]

2. Presentation: "Fire, Life Safety & ADA Accessibility Codes for Doors and Hardware in Healthcare Facilities" by Jeffery Carlile, Allegion
Summary: The presentation provides a guide for NFPA 80, NFPA 101, ADA, and Access Control Integration.
[57 pages]

3. Presentation: "Life Safety Maintenance: Alternative Strategies to OEM Standards Using Risk Assessment to Support a Maintenance Program" by Les Clawson, Systems Analyst Children’s Hospital, Colorado
"Risk Assessment Template" XLSX Excel Format
Summary: The presentation demonstrates how Risk Assessments can be used in the healthcare maintenance environment to help determine equipment and system potential risks and maximize the value and effectiveness of scheduled maintenance activity. Presentation includes a detailed review of a Risk Assessment tool designed to document the evaluation of potential environmental risks and the assessment of scheduled maintenance needs
[44 pages]

4. Presentation: "Lessons Learned: Hospital Construction Standards" by Stephen Pennington CPE, Construction Review Services, Inspector/Plan Reviewer, WA Department of Health
Summary: The presentation explores what we have learned and the changes that have been made to make healthcare facilities safer for the staff and patients..
[49 pages]

Was able to catch the finally of another great fireworks show tonight!

Posted by Marlei' Brenna La Chance Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Watch fireworks over Lake Chelan during the Spring Symposium. Thanks to Marlei' Brenna La Chance for sharing her video.



ConferenceOctober 14 - 17, 2014
2014 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"Healthcare Operations Performance Strategies"

Yakima Convention Center, Yakima, WA

1. Presentation: "What’s Going On With Healthcare Waste & Hazardous Materials?" by Alan Jones, PhD, Owner, Hospital Waste Management
Summary: The presentation includes Healthcare waste and hazardous materials management is a constantly changing field because of new products, new regulations, and new best practices. Alan will provide you the latest information to avoid common pitfalls in hospital waste management.
[23 pages]

2. Presentation: "12 Prescriptions for Success: Excellence in Facilities Management" by Geoffrey W. Glass, PE, Director of Facility & Technology Services Health & Services, Provi-dence SW Washington Region; Southwest Chapter
Summary: The presentation shares practical experiences for successful facilities management practices.
[13 pages]

3. Presentation: "The Joint Commission: What’s Hot, Trip: Hazards and Innovative Ideas to Insure Compliance" by Stephen C. Anderson, MBA, BSN, FACHE, CJCP, Senior Director, Clinical Improvement & Patient Safety, VHA Pacific Northwest
Summary: As a former Joint Commission surveyor, Steve will update us on problematic Joint Commission standards and CMS Conditions of Participation; common compliance issues; tips and tricks to maintain readiness for unannounced surveys.
[58 pages]

4. Presentation: "From Threat to Thrive: Leading: Innovation and Managing Change in Today's Workplace" by Patricia Hughes, Owner, Trillium Leadership Consulting
Handout: "Bill Bridges' Transition Model: Guiding People Through Change"
Summary: The health care field is undergoing massive change. Regulations are change. Innovation is change. This engaging keynote is packed with practical strategies and inspiration for immediate implementation! You will understand why people resist change, how to overcome barriers to change, and how to increase your effectiveness in leading and managing change.
[22 pages]

5. Presentation: "Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating Successfully to Execs" by Patricia Hughes, Owner, Trillium Leadership Consulting
Handout: "Communication Styles"
Handout: "Ten Tips for Communicating to Execs"
Summary: Getting executives to care about your work isn't about putting in more effort, it's about having better skills. This interactive session will help participants to: 1) understand yours and your bosses' communication styles so you can speak his or her language, and 2) identify some simple rules for communicating with executives to ensure your message is heard.
[16 pages]

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ConferenceApril 23 -25, 2014
Semiannual Symposium
"Amped on WSSHE: Electrical Systems for Health Care Facilities"
Location: Campbell's Resort

1. Keynote Presentation: "The Future of the Electrical Grid in Washington State"
Presented by Michael Pesin, PMP, P.E., Seattle City Light
[34 pages]

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ConferenceApril 9, 2014
WSSHE Southwest Chapter Program

1. Presentation:  "Webinar on Humidity in the OR"
Presented by Daniel Swanson, McKinstry; Paul Fuson, Siemens; James Johnson, The Everett Clinic
[50 pages] Note: The presentation PDF is 5.3 MB. It you have trouble opening this large file, you can also opt to right-click link and "save as" to your computer or device.

ConferenceMarch 13, 2014
WSSHE Southwest Chapter Program

1. Presentation: "Fire Life & Safety Systems Compliance Testing Code Update: Pretty Good Practices"
Presented by Steve O'Connell, AET, Convergint Technologies, LLC
[73 pages]



ConferenceSeptember 10 - 13, 2013
2013 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"Tacoma Narrows: Safe Passage through Challenging Waters"

Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, WA

1. Presentation: "New Application Concepts in Infection Prevention & Construction: Thinking Outside the Matrix" by Larry Lee, CIH, Pacific Industrial Hygiene LLC, Kirkland, WA
Summary: The presentation includes new review processes, infection prevention commissioning / validation techniques and construction practices based on these guiding principles that go beyond the limitations of the ICRA matrix.
[41 pages]

2. Presentation: "ACO’s and You – Will you Love Them or Hate Them; How will Accountable Care Organizations Change the Planning and Design of Health Care Organizations?" by James J. Heilsberg, CFO/CIO, Whitman Hospital, Colfax, WA
Summary: Learn how changes in legislation and funding will impact your role at both large and small hospitals.
[28 pages]

3. Presentation: "Master Planning Healthcare Facilities in the New Era of Healthcare Reform" by Bill Foulkes, Hammes Company, Irvine, CA
Summary: With the proposed healthcare reform on the horizon, this presentation outlined ways the planned changes in healthcare delivery may impact master planning of healthcare facilities and campuses.
[32 pages]

4. Presentation: "Planning for the Adoption of NFPA 101 - 2012" by Chad E. Beebe, AIA, SASHE; ASHE Director of Codes and Standards
Summary: Through ASHE’s Unified Codes efforts, the International Building Code and 2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (LSC) are more aligned than ever. This presentation covers changes in the LSC, including NFPA 99 – Healthcare Facilities Code as well as the anticipated adoption process for the LSC and how you can get involved.
[44 pages]

5. Presentation: "DOH Process Changes: What Does This Mean for the Facility Manager" by Susan Upton and Steve Pennington, DOH Construction Review Services
Summary: This session provided an update on the CRS review process along with best practice design trends and commonly observed construction inspection deficiencies for health care facilities.
[42 pages]

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ConferenceJuly 30, 2013
WSSHE Puget Sound Chapter Seminar

1. Presentation: "Legionella Risk Management"
Presented by Nikhil Sheth
[52 pages]

2. Presentation: "Regulated Building Materials in Property Management"
Presented by Nicole Gladu, Property Redevelopment Business Line Manager, URS Corporation
[72 pages]

ConferenceApril 24 -26, 2013
Semiannual Symposium
"Code Gray: Enhancing Security in Health Care Facilities"
Location: Campbell's Resort

1. Presentation: "Hardware Maintenance: A Review of NFPA 80 and Success Tips for Security & Fire"
Presented by Dara Darsow, Security Sales Engineer;
Steve O'Connell, Fire Sales Engineer, Convergint Technologies
Jeff Carlile, Sales Consultant, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
[32 pages]

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ConferenceApril 11, 2013
Puget Sound Chapter Half-Day Educational Session

1. Presentation: "Energy Benchmarking" by Jeff Grinzel, Swedish-Issaquah Hospital [20 pages]

2. Presentation: "Energy Saving Opportunities for Hospitals" by Jeff Grinzel, Swedish-Issaquah Hospital [5 pages]

. Presentation: "WSSHE Advocacy Update" [13 pages]

Meeting Information
The education sessions will include presentations by Jeff Grinzel (Swedish) and Kevin Kajita (Harborview) and a round table discussion including recent DOH inspection results, lessons learned and best practices.
Presentations: Energy Benchmarking, Smoke Compartments, Fire Alarm Systems & Facility Tour
Time: 9:45 AM - 2 PM
Location: Swedish-Issaquah Hospital
Thank you to our sponsors!
Bales Restoration, BetterBricks, MacDonald-Miller, RESTORx DKI,

ConferenceMarch 21, 2013
Southwest Chapter March Program: "Indoor Air Quality" and MSDS "The Future"

1. Presentation: "Global Harmonization System: Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos and Mold" [13 pages]

2. Asbestos Building Handout
by Kathie Wilson, Protective Coatings Group NW and KD&S Environmental and Moraya Wilson, Protective Coatings Group NW

Location: St Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA

ConferenceJanuary 24, 2013
Educational Meeting for Puget Sound and Southwest Chapters"

1. Presentation: "WSSHE Education Meeting" by Mike Wilkinson, Mike Johnson & Bill Nash, Long Painting Company
[9 pages]

2. Presentation: "Coatings for Healthcare"
[10 pages]

Meeting Information
> View Meeting Flyer for Details
"Painting Techniques, Safety and Products For Maintaining Healthcare Facilities
Location: Long Painting, 21414 68th Avenue S., Kent
Interactive Stations on safety and paint technology for the healthcare industry, including dinner to discuss chapter business.
Sponsored by Long Painting Company and Sherwin-Williams


ConferenceOctober 2 - 5, 2012
2012 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"Building Connections to the Future"

Spokane Convention Center, WA

1. Keynote Presentation: "Future Proofing Healthcare: Who Knows?" by Marcel Loh, Chief Executive, Swedish Suburban Hospitals & Affiliates, Seattle
Summary: One thing is certain, health care is changing. What will the future bring? What will it means to hospitals and health systems, providers, patients, payers, facilities and community? Mr. Loh will tee up some great ideas to stimulate strategic thinking.
[24 pages]

2. Presentation: "Managing Construction Projects on a Lean Budget" by Todd Lee, Executive Vice President/Senior Project Manager, Sellen Construction, Seattle, WA
Summary: With continued declining capital budgets, how do medical systems get the most value for their capital improvement projects with less? This presentation will discuss strategies for doing more with less. Included will be a discussion about alternative delivery methods, risk analysis and lean construction strategies.
[40 pages]

3. Presentation: "Emerging Trends in HVAC Design for Energy Efficiency and Infection Control. What If We Do and What If We Don’t?" by Traci Hanegan, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Coffman Engineers, Inc., Spokane, WA
Summary: As we look to the future and consider making changes to better position ourselves for success, it is helpful to ask, “What if we do…. and what if we don’t?” Join Traci as she facilitates a discussion of the upcoming changes in mechanical consulting engineering that will cause us to rethink health care facility design and operation. Find out the latest news on debates surrounding proposed code changes related to items like ante rooms for AII rooms, pre-demolition airflow testing, the use of energy recovery wheels, and ducted returns in outpatient facilities.
[23 pages]

4. Presentation: "Displacement Ventilation and Kaiser SHBI Design Competition" by Bob Gulick, PE, LEED AP, Mazzetti, Portland
Summary: Bob provides an overview of the winning submission for the Kaiser Small Hospital Big Idea (SHBI) design competition with a more detailed look at displacement ventilation. The SHBI submission, for a 100 bed hospital to be occupied in 2018, produces more energy and water than it uses (beyond net zero) and dramatically reduces solid waste, all at a lower life cycle cost than a conventional hospital.

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2012 Semi-Annual Symposium

ConferenceApril 25 -27, 2012
Semi-Annual Symposium
"Tame the Wet 'n Wild"
Fire Suppression for Health Care Facilities
Location: Campbell's Resort

1. Presentation: "WSSHE Rocks! The long and short of it"
Narrated and presented by 2003 State President Tim Heidlebaugh
[25 pages]

2. Presentation: "Top 10 Life Safety Deficiencies from the State Fire Marshal"
Narrated and presented by Duane VanBeek, Deputy State Fire Marshal,
Washington State Patrol
Summary: Mr. VanBeek sheds light on the heroes and villains with the top 10 deficiencies the Washington State Patrol is finding during their site visits, such as electrical equipment, especially extension cords and power strips used in a daisy chain arrangements as well as latching of corridor & fire doors.
[60 pages]

> Symposium Attendees List (member login & password necessary)

"DDC Systems Networks and Protocols"
by Greg Jourdan, Professor, Environmental Systems & Refrigeration Technology at Wenatchee Valley
Community College. >> pdf [80 p, 2.7 mb]
Greg Jourdan gave this presentation March 2, 2012 Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee during the Eastern Chapter Board meeting.


2011 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition

ConferenceSeptember 20 – 23, 2011
2011 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
"From Seeds of Thought to Fruits of Value"

Yakima Convention Center, Yakima, WA

1. Presentation: "Giving Impactful Presentations" by Patricia Hughes, Trillium Leadership Consulting [18 pages]

2. Presentation: "Tips for Better Joint Commission Surveys" by William Morgan [18 pages]

3. Presentation: "Joint Commission expectations for Testing Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems" by William Morgan
[27 pages]

4. Presentation: "Living Building Challenge: Case Study: PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center" by Mahlum [62 pages]

5. Presentation: "Managing Hot Water Systems to Minimize Legionella Risk" by Philip Kercher [52 pages]

6. Presentation: "Leadership Secrets of “Larry The Cable Guy”" by James T. Lussier, Founder, The Lussier Center [80 pages]

7. Presentation: "Transforming American Healthcare: A Final Frontier”" by James T. Lussier, Founder, The Lussier Center [80 pages]

8. Presentation: "Managing Noise in the Patient Care Environment" by Basel Jurdy, Director of Acoustic Practice at Sparling [80 pages]

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July 17-20, 2011
48th ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition

Seattle hosted three days of education, professional growth, and networking.
> American Society For Healthcare Engineering Convention webpage
> Schedule at a glance

Washington State Convention & Trade Ctr
800 Convention Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 694-5000

Semi-annual ConferenceConferenceApril 27 – 29, 2011
Semi-annual Conference
"Lean: Real-World Solutions to Build Peak Value for Health Care Facilities!"
Location: Campbell's Resort, Chelan, WA

1. Presentation: "Establishing the Need for Cost Savings and Lean" by Jim Leonard, MHA [48 pages]

2. Presentation: "An Introduction to 'Lean' History and Processes" by Armando Farinas, 6Sigma Black Belt, Providence SW WA Health & Services. [23 pages]

3. Presentation: "A Challenging Time To Be In Health Care: So What Are We Going To Do About It?" by Mike Kelly, Director of Facilities, Sacred Heart Medical Center [49 pages]

4. Presentation: "Lean Tools" by Armando Farinas, 6Sigma Black Belt, Providence SW, WA Health and Services [10 pages]

5. Presentation: "Washington State Utility Incentive Programs" by Lori Moen, Supervising Engineer, Energy Efficiency Services, Puget Sound Energy. [54 pages]

6. Presentation: "Total Preventative and Autonomous Maintenance" by Armando Farinas, 6Sigma Black Belt, Providence SW, WA Health and Services. [27 pages]

7. Presentation: "What Can Facility Managers Learn From Lean Construction?" by Robert Blakey, Principal Strategic Equity Associates, LLC [25 pages]

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ConferenceNovember 3, 2010
Puget Sound Chapter Educational Conference: "Humidification in Healthcare Today"

> View Event Flyer [pdf]
Presentation: "Overview of the 2009 Washington State Non-Residential Energy Code" [pdf; 59 pgs] 
Presented  by Stan Price, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

ConferenceOctober 13, 2010
"A Water-Efficient Workplace" Educational Seminar

Co-sponsored by the WSSHE Puget Sound Chapter
> View Seminar Flyer [pdf]

1. Presentation: "Water Conservation: Who Cares? and Why Bother?" [pdf, 57 pgs]
Presented by James J. Walker, P.E., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

2. Presentation: "Water Reuse Opportunities with Seattle Steam" [pdf, 14 pgs]
Presented by David Easton, Vice President Seattle Steam

3. Presentation: "The Basics of Water Reuse Systems What construction codes apply? What should I look for during review and inspection?" [pdf; 10 pgs]
Presented by Dave Cantrell, Chief Plumbing Inspector, Public Health, Seattle & King Co.

4. Presentation: "Water Conservation & Sustainable Building: Designing Efficient Systems" [pdf; 25 pgs]
Presented by Joel Banslaben, Sr. Sustainable Strategies, Green Building Seattle Public Utilities
> Go to Resource Venture to download a zipped file of all four presentations

ConferenceSeptember 21-24, 2010
2010 ASHE Region 10 Educational Conference & Technical Exhibition
“Northwest Rendezvous IV: Navigating the Rapids of Change.”
> View Conference Presentations on separate page

> Conference Agenda
> Conference Brochure
> Conference Registration
> Heather's Letter for Attendees
> Sponsorship Opportunities
> Technical Exhibitor Registration Form
> Information for Prospective Technical Exhibitors from Heather Warner, Exhibitor Coordinator
> Conference Floor
> Learn more

ConferenceApril 28-30, 2010
Semi-annual Conference
"Don’t Get Burned 101"

Plugging the Gaps in your Fire and Smoke Barrier - Construction, Repair, and Maintenance Strategies
Location: Campbell's Resort, Chelan, WA

1. Presentation: "MGM Grand Hotel Fire – a Survivor’s Story" by Joe Winston, Senior Programming Writer, Microsoft [17 pages]

2. [ZIP FILE] Presentation: "Perspective of The Joint Commission Life Safety Specialist": Materials by W. Thomas Schipper, CCE, FASHE, Environment of Care Manager at Little Company of Mary Hospitals in Torrance & San Pedro, CA.
[22 mb zip file contain 150 files in 24 folders; click on zip file, select 'save' to your computer; unzip help here and here]

3. Presentation: "Passive Fire Protection: Barrier Design and Inspection" by Chad E. Beebe, AIA – Manager, Construction Review Services, Washington State Department of Health [27 pages]

Conference Information
> Updates from Heather
> Conference "Flash"
> Conference Brochure
> Agenda
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> Technical Exhibition Tabletop Display Location
> Sponsorship Opportunity Form
> Conference Attendee List



ConferenceSeptember 11, 2009
Presentation: "Dangerous Chemical Waste Management" by Alan Jones, PhD/Hospital Waste Management in Redmond, WA   > [30 p, 3.4 mb]
Alan Jones gave this presentation September 11, 2009 at the Kittitas Valley Community Hospital during the Eastern Chapter Board meeting

ConferenceOctober 13 - 16, 2009
Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition
“The Health Care Gauntlet: Reducing Cost While Improving Care”

Yakima, WA

Conference Presentation: "The Healthcare Gauntlet: Reducing Cost While Improving Care" by Daniel Swanson from the 2009 Annual Conference [18 pgs, 4.6mb]

Conference Information
> Agenda
> Conference Brochure
> Conference Attendees
> Booth Layout Names
> Details of the The Wii-SHE Classic
> Read Complete Announcement Letter
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> Read Conference 'Flash'
> WSSHE Plan Review, Ask the Experts individual meetings
>> Read Heather's August 5 Update [pdf]
>> Launch "Letter to the Boss" [pdf]

ConferenceApril 29 - May 1, 2009
Semi Annual Symposium
Theme: "Utility Systems Reliability: Maximizing Operations - Minimizing Risk".

Conference Information
Campbell's Resort, Lake Chelan
> Exhibition Table Assignments
> Conference Brochure [pdf]
> Conference Agenda [pdf]
> Conference Attendee List
> Vendor and Sponsor Handout
> Conference Registration Form
> Sponsorship Opportunity Form
> see news flash about event
> details from President Brad Jones
> Technical Exhibition Registration Form
> Letter to the Boss - a "Thank You" template intended to be edited to suit the individual user. It is designed around the topics related to the WSSHE 2009 Semi-Annual Conference
>> Rate the Conference Survey Results  Be sure to click on "View" button on the results page to see further comments.
> pdf version [does not have 'view comments'


ConferenceApril, 2008
Semi-Annual Conference

News Conference Presentation: A “Nuts and Bolts” Approach To Healthcare: Electrical Systems Safety / Emergency Power Reliability Presented by: Bruce Alward. P.E. [46 pgs., 1.36 mb]

ConferenceSeptember 16 - 19, 2008
Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition Tradeshow: “Meeting the Challenge of Change"
The Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel

Presentation: "Issues Facing Hospitals and How You Can Make a Difference" [8 mb dl] -  Slide presentation by Brenda Suiter and Stephen J. Grose from the 2008 Annual Conference

Conference Information
> view the attendee list [pdf]
> 2008 Brochure
> 2008 Conference Agenda
> 2008 Conference Registration Form
> 2008 Tradeshow Registration
> 2008 Sponsorship Form
> Annual Vendor Letter
> Vendor Guidelines
> Room Accommodations list
> More info

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