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Dan Eagle
Providence Sacred Heart
6818 E Stoneman Road
Spokane, WA 99217

President Elect:
Dan Conway
Maintenance Supervisor
Lincoln Hospital Dist. #3
10 Nichols St.
Davenport, WA 99122
509-725-2979 Ext. 1169

Immediate Past-President:
Greg Palmanteer
Valley Hospital & Medical Center
E. 12606 Mission Ave.
Spokane, WA 99216

Eric Rodgers
Providence Health Care Stevens County
 982 East Columbia
Colville, WA 99114

Education Chair
Will Mackin
Walla Walla General Hospital
671 NW Evans Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Will Mackin
Walla Walla General Hospital
671 NW Evans Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

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Eastern Chapter Bylaws

WSSHE Bylaws
Purpose and Objectives, Membership, Dues, Voting Privileges, Chapters, Board of Directors and Officers, Meetings, Committees, Powers, Amendments and Dissolution [Approved Oct. 2012]

Eastern Chapter Bylaws

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Calendar of Events and Chapter Meetings


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Presentations from March 10, 2017 1st Quarter Eastern Chapter Meeting at Valley Hospital, Spokane Valley

"The What? What? On Sprinkler Heads"
by Greg Palmanteer, Valley Hospital. [25 pgs]

Presentations from December 9, 2016 4th Quarter Eastern Chapter Meeting at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

"New 2012 Life Safety Code: What to Expect During a Fire Door Inspection"
by Heidi Young, Life Safety Services. [35 pgs]

Presentations from March 11, 2016 1st Quarter Eastern Chapter Meeting at Lincoln Hospital, Davenport

"Hospital Heliports: History & Growth, Flight Innovations, Codes, FAA, Safety & Liabilitys"
by David Ketchum, T.O Engineers & Preston Rufe, PE. [28 pgs]

Presentations from September 4, 2015 Eastern Chapter Meeting at Simplex Grinnell in Spokane:

"Type 1 Essential Electrical Systems Governed by NFPA 99 and NFPA 70"
by David Rogers, Deputy State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol. [11 pgs]

"Fire Drills in Licensed Care Facilities"
by David Rogers, Deputy State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol. [10 pgs]

"DDC Systems Networks and Protocols"
by Greg Jourdan, Professor, Environmental Systems & Refrigeration Technology at Wenatchee Valley
Community College. [80 p, 2.7 mb]

Greg Jourdan gave this presentation March 2, 2012 Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee during the Eastern Chapter Board meeting.

Greg discussed DDC Controls-Networks-BacNet vs Lon vs. Tridium. His presentation discussed solutions to bringing multiple DDC controls vendors products under one software control scheme without changing the hardware I/O (inputs and outputs). Greg presented an informative program on the cloud and how that technology is being used to support multiple systems and locations to a central user. Greg stressed the importance of a dashboard for every system to instantly look at building performance, measure the result and be able to respond quickly to changing conditions. Greg also stressed the importance of re-commissioning your facilities at least every 5 years to ensure the systems and assets installed are still performing at desired levels and achieving intended results.

"Dangerous Chemical Waste Management"
by Alan Jones, PhD/Hospital Waste Management in Redmond, WA    [30 p, 3.4 mb]

Alan Jones gave this presentation September 11, 2009 at the Kittitas Valley Community Hospital during the Eastern Chapter Board meeting.

Chemicals That Cause Facility Managers Headaches:
- OPA – Surface disinfectant used in endoscopy and ultrasound
- Pharmaceuticals – Waste that must be managed separately
- Formalin – Tissue preservative requiring exposure monitoring and neutralization
- Epinephrine – A toxic vasoconstricter
- Greenhouse Gases – New Reporting Rule

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