RE: Semi-Annual Conference 2009

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Dear <<supervisor, administrator, etc.>>

Thank you for supporting my attendance at the Washington State Society for Healthcare Engineering (WSSHE) Semi-Annual Conference in Chelan from April 29 to 1 May 2009. As always, I came away with a significant new knowledge, ideas, and perspective related to the safe and reliable operation of medical facilities.

The theme of this conference was “Utility Systems Reliability: Maximizing Operations and Minimizing Risk”. I attended presentations from a wide variety of speakers, including Mr. Tim Adams, a nationally known educator from the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). Mr. Adams and others spoke at length about techniques for utility risk assessment and reduction, improved maintenance and operations procedures, utility system drills, and training of plant operations staff. These topics addressed electrical and emergency power systems, steam and boiler systems, as well as domestic and waste water. A presentation of various “best practices” from other facilities around the state was also included.

At least as importantly, I made and renewed friendships with my peers from other medical facilities, sharing ideas and learning new techniques. I left the conference energized, with a number of ideas and strategies to better with the specific problems and challenges at our facility.

These semi-annual WSSHE conferences clearly provide the most cost effective training around, and I am grateful that you and our leadership understand the importance of, and support continuous high-quality education for our staff.