Letter from the President to the Membership
Winter 2008

Dear Colleagues,

President Brad JonesIt has been an exciting, rewarding first couple of months in my role as State President. I feel so privileged to be able to serve this great organization and its members.

We have developed the theme and selected topics for the 2009 Semi-Annual Symposium.

I encourage you to attend the 2009 Symposium that always takes place at Campbell’s Resort in beautiful Lake Chelan the dates are April 29 - May 1, 2009 (Wednesday evening - Friday)

The 2009 Symposium will have the same high-quality educational sessions as in past years. Topics and speakers were carefully chosen by this year’s planning committee to offer timely and accurate information from experienced and thought-provoking presenters.

The theme of this year’s Conference is "Utility Systems Reliability: Maximizing Operations - Minimizing Risk".

 Washington State Society for Healthcare EngineeringYou will learn how to conduct Utility Risk Assessments for the following utilities; steam, heating, natural gas, boiler systems, electrical, water, and sewer. We will show you how to prepare for increased utility reliability through staff training programs.

This symposium will also teach you how to conduct drills and perform tracers related to utility systems and their possible failures. We will also have some of the best in the business providing case studies of what they are doing to “Maximize Operations and Minimize Risks” in their facilities utility systems such as testing, training, cool tools/equipment, documentation, etc.
One of the many enhancements being made to the 2008 Semi Annual Symposium is that this will be an Environmentally Friendly Conference. We felt that it is important to do our share to reduce the negative impact we may have on the environment. We are excited about the 2009 Semi Annual Symposium and after putting together this program, we are sure you will be too. With the Semi Annual Symposium growing each year we encourage you to register early and secure your spot!

As the current WSSHE president, one of my goals is to increase membership within the ASHE organization. We are currently Gold level Affiliation within ASHE and our goal is to achieve Platinum level Affiliation Status. Many WSSHE members may not realize the many services and products ASHE offers, there are others who may not realize that ASHE is the national affiliate of WSSHE.

ASHE is involved with advocacy at the national level which also supports us at the state level. ASHE provides critical input on the development of codes and standards, they provide on-site and Web-based educational programs, they offer certificate programs, they produce books, a magazine and a weekly electronic newsletter and the list goes on and on. In short, ASHE serves its members by being the premier resource and advocate for health facilities management professionals. This is done through partnerships with state chapters such as ours.

I know that I can count on WSSHE and ASHE to provide me with the current information and the tools that I need to face many of the daily challenges resulting from our ever-changing health care environment. I cannot imagine my career in healthcare without either of these organizations supporting me and the people we serve.

Whether it is a new life safety requirement, space demands or a new standard, we need to always be ready to ensure that our physical environment is safe and appropriate for patients, visitors and staff. This is a tremendous responsibility within health care, and I feel a sense of relief and pride knowing that WSSHE and ASHE are there to support and guide us as we meet the challenges healthcare facility management presents each of us.

If you are an ASHE member, I encourage you to take advantage of all that ASHE has to offer. If you are not a member, please visit their Web site and see all that they have to offer, or contact the ASHE office by e-mailing or calling (312) 422-3800.
WSSHE Chapters are currently offering a limited number of ASHE membership scholarships to first time ASHE member applicants. Talk to your WSSHE Chapter President for more details on this ASHE membership opportunity.

I have been working to develop the budget for this upcoming year and I’m proud to say that WSSHE is in the best shape financially we have ever been this according to WSSHE Historian Geoff Glass. This is because of financial stewardship in the WSSHE organization prior to me. WSSHE Leadership and I would like to thank Steve Grose, Tom Pitts, Jim Mead, Heather Warner and AMI just to name a few and all those that have helped us to be in this great financial position as an organization. AMI has played a very important role in partnering with WSSHE to help us better serve our members and work to improve the way we operate as an organization. Thank you Lianna and Katie, AMI has helped to make a great organization even better.

The WSSHE Board of directors and I will work to create a contingency fund based on the suggestion by Immediate Past President Tom Pitts. This will provide WSSHE a financial cushion when times are lean, this is included as part of my strategic plan for WSSHE that will be submitted in February to the Board of Directors.

I look forward to this upcoming year and the new and exciting challenges it will bring both personally and professionally.

In closing I want to thank all of those who are so supportive of WSSHE and our mission. I feel very fortunate to work with such a dedicated Board that not only mentor me, but dedicate unselfishly countless hours and share a true commitment to WSSHE. Thanks to the many WSSHE members who are willing to jump in when needed to fill leadership roles within the WSSHE organization. Member participation is the key to continued success within our organization, so please get involved with your local chapters and or at the state level it will be the most rewarding experience of your life and one you will never regret.

I look forward to seeing many of you this spring at the Semi –annual symposium.

May the peace of god be with you and your families this holiday season.

Your State President 2009,
Brad Jones