march, 2022

30marAll DayMitigating & Planning for Utility Failures

Event Details

Time: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Location: In-Person – OAC Services (2200 1st Ave S Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98134) & Virtual

Synopsis & Topics: 

Failures happen. Failures happen almost daily on some level impacting the environment of care; whether you have a flood; barrier breach; the internet goes down; a fire starts; or even the elevator gets stuck; is the team prepared and trained to handle the issue efficiently and effectively. What should be in place and what kind of training should staff have?

In this program we will discuss mitigating and planning for utility failures including an in-depth look at barrier management, a worst-case scenario case study, and then have an open forum to discuss various failure plans and how to look at risk ranking failures.

Topic 1: Barrier Management | Speaker: Jeff Solvang – Swedish

Topic 2: Plans to Have in Place & Worst-Case Scenario: The Edmonds Fire | Speakers: Stacia Rivera – Swedish & Camilla Yamada

Open Forum/Q&A

About the Speakers:

Jeff Solvang – Swedish Medical Center
Manager of Safety, Life Safety, and Construction Compliance

Currently employed at Swedish Medical Center as the Manager of Safety, Life Safety, and Construction Compliance. Jeff has worked with Swedish staff, contractors, and other authorities to create and maintain safe, efficient, and effective construction and working environments while ensuring regulatory compliance is met. Over 20 years of construction experience includes employee management, project management, risk assessments and mitigation measures, plan review, legal compliance, design, estimating, scheduling, and Safety and Infection Control Planning.

Stacia Rivera – Swedish Medical Center
Regional Director of Safety and Security Operations

Stacia Rivera is the Regional Director of Safety and Security Operations for Swedish Medical Center. She has been with the organization for 18 years. On the night of the fire at Edmonds, Stacia was on-site just after the fire was put out, but that was just the beginning of a very long response.

Camilla Yamada

Camilla Yamada is the current President of WSSHE PS Chapter. With more than a dozen years of healthcare experience in healthcare facility management and healthcare construction, she spends the majority of her time trying to make it easier for healthcare organizations to do the right thing.

Camilla is a lifelong learner and firm believer that education is the one thing that can never be taken away.  She credits strong mentorship as the driver for her innate curiosity and believes that the world will get better every day when we build and share the wisdom of past mentors.  She holds her MS in Disaster Medicine & Management and maintains her CHFM, CHC, BOC L1 & L2. Camilla is a mother, a quick to hugger, adventure lover, and status quo disruptor.


All Day (Wednesday)

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