President’s Message

Thank you all for providing me the opportunity to serve as President of WSSHE – Puget Sound Chapter for 2022.

The mission in healthcare is to care for the most vulnerable in their most vulnerable times. It is an honor to represent an organization made of incredible people, both professional and business members alike, acting in concert to improve the shared experience of those in need. 

As this is my first time holding an appointed/elected position, I reached out to some fellow WSSHE members to ask for feedback. What I heard unequivocally is that our committees want to be held accountable. We have hardworking WSSHE members eager to help catalyze the Puget Sound Chapter into its next phase of maturity. 

Covid magnified the importance of frequent cross-functional communication between Facilities, Emergency Management, Infection Prevention, Safety, Security, Environmental Services and so many other partners serving the physical environment. We have a unique opportunity in 2022 to grow WSSHE-Puget Sound Chapter into a thriving kaleidoscope of perspectives that demands inclusion. It’s time to shed those pandemic vibes and broaden our engagement across all service lines supporting the healthcare physical environment. 

I hope to start this work in December of 2021 with a Committee Leadership Meeting so that our mission for 2022 is meaningful and our vision is clear. I look forward to a variety of in-person and virtual events over the next year. 

As President of WSSHE Puget Sound, please know that I care. I am also incredibly competitive. And right now I want to help our Chapter maximize its contribution to population health. When the cosmos of caring and competition align in my world, big things happen. Thank you, Mr. Scott Clinton, for nominating me, and our chapter for trusting me to lead us through this regeneration. I’m beyond excited for this journey.


Camilla Yamada, MS, CHFM, CHC

WSSHE President

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President: Camilla Yamada – Seattle Children’s Hospital Email

Immediate Past President: Scott Clinton – UW Medical Center, Montlake Campus Email

Secretary: Rob Pewitt – Swedish Medical Center Email

President Elect: OPEN

Business Partner Advocate: Jackie Roethel – Evolution Architecture, LLC Email

Treasurer: Mitchell Pohl – Seattle Children’s Hospital Email

Education Chair: Stacia Rivera – Swedish Email

Education Coordinator: Diane Vandewall – Krazan & Associates, Inc. Email

Policies and Procedures

WSSHE Puget Sound Chapter Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy

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The Board of Directors of WSSHE Puget Sound (WSSHE PS) recognizes that board members and officers of WSSHE PS may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct chapter business (including participation at WSSHE state meeting and functions as required by virtue of chapter office) and to further the mission of our organization. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that (a) adequate cost controls are in place, (b) travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and (c) a uniform and consistent approach exists for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses. It is the policy of WSSHE PS to reimburse only reasonable and necessary expenses, which are actually incurred, in conjunction with conduct of official chapter business.

Note: Receipts are required for any expense in excess of $25, except mileage. For mileage, print and attach trip mileage calculation from Google Maps

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