Dear Healthcare Colleagues and Business Partners:
I’m very excited to serve all of you as the Eastern Chapter President for 2019. During my short time in healthcare I’ve been amazed at the encouragement and knowledge WSSHE members have been willing to share with me. I couldn’t imagine stumbling into healthcare like I have without all of you at my back. And when I look at how much potential and vast decades of experience make up our membership – experience both in and outside of healthcare – I know there is more we can do to:

● Encourage and train young leaders in our industry
● Streamline access to information
● Replicate successful models by sharing metrics and methods
● Help CEOs see the value of optimized building systems
● Foster the leadership skills we all need to make our teams strive for excellence with every bead of caulk and filter change

None of us have any spare time. My goal is that every minute we spend engaging with WSSHE will gain us an extra hour of increased efficiency within our institutions. Here’s to getting to know one another better and to a great 2019.

Most Sincerely,

Jonathan Lewis
KVH, Director of Services

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2019 President: Jonathan Lewis
Klickitat Valley Health Email

2020 President-Elect: Craig Greathouse

2019 Immediate Past President: Dan Conway
Lincoln Hospital  

2019 Secretary/Treasurer: Brad Jones
Comprehensive Healthcare Email

2019 Education Chair: Jon Ashworth
Jimmy’s Roofing

Business Partner Advocate: Peter Marshal
Western Specialties 

2020 Board of Directors:

2020 President: Craig Greathouse
Inland Northwest Behavioral Health 

2020 Secretary: Brad Jones
Comprehensive Healthcare 

2020 Education Chair: Jon Ashworth
Jimmy’s Roofing

2020 Business Partner Advocate: Peter Marshal
Western Specialties