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Welcome to Southwest WSSHE Chapter


Welcome Southwest Chapter,

I am grateful to be selected as the 2021 Chapter President. Facilities Management continues to play an increasingly critical role to patient care and few events have driven more light on this than the past year.  FM groups across the world have been tasked with creating, verifying, and maintaining environments that allow our clinical counterparts to care for patients with safeguards that boost infection control and prevention in areas that may or may not have been originally designed that way.

Our successes are a mixture of education, experience, creativity, support and partnerships. WSSHE provides you with each of these elements in ways that few other organizations can. Southwest Chapter education consistently delivers high value and engaging content that is timely and relevant without that “sales pitch” feeling at little to no cost. The chapter includes a vast array of business partners that are experts in their field and always helpful supporting the healthcare industry. Belonging to an organization with a healthcare FM focus places us with members that are engaged in the same discipline with the same focus to draw experience and solutions from and the activities are phenomenal. Finally, WSSHE provides us with the opportunity to develop and hone our leadership skills through service within the chapter.

A common saying within the organization is “we won’t let you fail”. This is a statement of support and inclusion. You are not alone. You have a family. This family shares your challenges and is always there to lift you up. That is what WSSHE has always been for me and that is what the Southwest Chapter will continue to do this year. I look forward to seeing and interacting with you in 2021 and beyond.


David Bain, MBA, CHOP

President of Southwest Chapter

David Bain | Director

Director of Facilities Management | Valley Medical Center

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President: David Bain, Valley Medical Center Email

President Elect: Michael Dover

Treasurer: Richard Newton, Harrison Medical Center Email

Secretary: Danny Scott

Business Partner Advocate: Jose Diaz, Mechanical Services Account Executive – Auburn Mechanical Email

Immediate Past President: Richard Newton, Director, Facilities Engineering – Catholic Heath Initiatives Email

Education Chair: Jose Diaz, Mechanical Services Account Executive – Auburn Mechanical Email