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Centrio: CenTrio Energy tackles global energy problems on a local level, with local resources. We produce and distribute steam directly through our vast network of underground pipes to provide heating, humidification, sterilization, and other services to our customers. The benefits of district energy are numerous: eliminating the need for boiler plants in individual buildings, improving efficiency, lowering carbon, and increasing reliability.

Hermanson: Focusing on LEAN concepts, Integrated Project Delivery, and sustainable performance, Hermanson Company has a proven and successful history of delivering the region’s most challenging healthcare projects. Offering specialized certifications and expertise, Hermanson provides best-in-class healthcare construction, engineering, and 360-support service teams that assist facility departments at public and private hospitals across the Pacific Northwest. Discover where Hermanson’s state-of-the-art technology and on-call dependability have consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations and more about our Critical Environments Group here.

 ACI: Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Spokane and Portland, ACI is the Pacific Northwest’s vendor of choice for Healthcare HVAC applications. ACI partners with consulting engineers, contractors, and their customers, to help healthcare buildings thrive. Solutions include applications for Labs, Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, MOBs, and more. Our team includes thirty-five degreed sales engineers and project professionals working with Price Industries, ANTEC Controls, Carrier Corporation, and more.

ATS: ATS specializes in custom-engineered and installed automation and energy management systems for buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems, allowing owners to provide enhanced occupant experiences, reduce energy consumption and maximize the effectiveness of facilities personnel. For over 35 years, ATS has provided Washington healthcare facilities with integrated building management and automation solutions focused on meeting community needs, administrative operating goals, and meeting regulatory requirements. Visit to learn more or contact us at (425) 251-9680.


AirReps: AirReps is an HVAC manufacturer representative firm serving the Pacific Northwest from our office locations in Bellevue, Spokane, and Portland. AirReps employs the most creative minds in the business with unparalleled access to leading HVAC manufacturers and technologies. We provide innovative solutions to a wide range of HVAC design and installation projects in varying markets, including healthcare.

MacDonald-Miller: MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions provides the right solutions for building environmental systems through innovative design, expert installation, and high-performance services. For over fifty years we have helped change the local landscape with thousands of highly visible and successful projects. Headquartered in Seattle, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions offers quick access with regional offices in Redmond, Everett, Tacoma, Kennewick, Portland, and Eugene.

Coffman Engineers: Coffman Engineers is a multidiscipline engineering firm providing civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering. As long-time WSSHE supporters, we understand that healthcare trends are evolving rapidly. Our team incorporates user needs, new technology, and research in our designs, resulting in beautiful, sustainable, resilient spaces that heal. 

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Commercial Filter Sales: Commercial Filter Sales and Service is an authorized distributor of air filter products. We offer a wide variety of products from top-quality air filter manufacturers for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses in every category. CFS has a large inventory of Hospital Grade HEPA filters in stock!

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Cabling & Technology Services (CTS)Cabling & Technology Services (CTS) is an integrated technology systems and services company located in Washington State. Since 1983, CTS has built and serviced the technology infrastructure for Washington-based healthcare, retail and commercial enterprises, municipalities, school systems, and tribal communities, including the design/build, installation, maintenance, and repair for security, communications, audio/visual and wireless systems. CTS is a State of Washington DES Master Contractor, a high-level designation awarded to only a handful of integration companies with the highest levels of quality control, compliance, and training standards.